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New to this a few questions re. data

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  • New to this a few questions re. data

    Hi, I have just installed pi24 on my Raspberry Pi 4, got it all up and running and as of ten minutes ago am successfully feeding data to FR24. No sweat. I would like to know, though:

    1. Is it possible to keep a log of every aircraft that I track or have tracked, in perpetuity (log size / available storage permitting)

    2. Is it possible to see a real-time graphic of aircraft which I am currently tracking?

    I'm using a NooElec Premium, external ADS-B antenna, pi24 and I think Dump1090.

    Thank you.

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    Local map is at http://<address>/dump1090/

    Keeping logs of that form is complicated, maybe others will have a few suggestions.

    If you just want some general statistics on reception check out graphs1090, you might also want to take a look at the other stuff there:


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      address/dump1090 is forbidden; is there some config file I can edit to enable that?


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        Never mind... I got it working; also installed graphs1090. Works very well!


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          Is there some reason why ADS-B Range remains blank?


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            Location is not configured.

            Use this
            Then set the location described as on that page.

            Or you can find out how to configure whichever version of dump1090 you are running


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              As you have Pi24 image, you are using the integral dump1090 of PI24 image (unless you have installed another stand-alone version of dump1090).

              In case of integral dump1090 do this:
              (1) Go to following address in your browser

              (2) Add following in the field "Process arguments"

              --lat xx.xxxx --lon yy.yyyy
              (Replace and yy.yyyy by your actual latitde & longitude)

              Click Save button, then Restart button.
              Both these buttons are at bottom-right corner of settings page.

              Pi24 Settings.png

              (3) Go to map page in your browser and clear cache (Ctrl+Shift+Delete) then relod (Ctrl+F5)
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                Thanks chaps. Got it working now, also installed dump1090-fa bundle and everything works great.


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                  Is there something I should do manually to restart graphs1090 and dump1090-fa after rebooting? Neither has restarted and I cannot seem to trigger them.


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                    They should start automatically.

                    How did you install dump1090-fa?
                    FR24 needs some reconfiguration to work properly with dump1090-fa, go through all the steps here if you don't want to use the automatic script:

                    If FR24 is configured wrong, it will install dump1090 1.14 and start that.
                    Then dump1090-fa can't start because fr24feed (dump1090 1.14) is already using the dongle.


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                      I used the automatic script as per your Github instructions. Will take another look tomorrow and go through the steps manually.

                      This is strange because I’ve rebooted it twice before and everything came back up each time, no problems.


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                        My automatic scripts for installing dump1090-fa should just work and reconfigure fr24feed.
                        But could well be that there's a bug in there or your system just doesn't cooperate.
                        If you want to find out what's going on, here are the commands to check some logs:

                        If you are doing heavy modifications anyway, it may be better to start fresh with a Raspbian Buster Lite image instead of the pi24 image.
                        Script install fr24feed, run my script to install dump1090-fa ... and you are all set.


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                          I think the problem was that lighttpd was not restarting. I re-ran the auto script to configure everything and graphs1090 and dump1090-fa came back up; rebooted a few times and seems to have solved the issue. If it happens again I will report here with the logs outlined in your other comment.

                          Thanks for your help, it is appreciated. I am very tech-savvy in many ways, just not with Linux scripts.


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                            Originally posted by colinLPL View Post
                            I am very tech-savvy in many ways, just not with Linux scripts.
                            Being a tech-savvy, you can easily learn Linux. However to learn, you have to do things manually. Using scripts to do things makes life easy, but has very little learning value.


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                              I have to know enough without learning Linux scripting too

                              Well I have had the system running for a day now and I think I would benefit from raising the antenna a couple of feet above the chimney of my house; it seems to be blocking all signals from behind it and I am not getting great range either.

                              One thing I would like to know is this... I live in a very high traffic area near to both LPL and MAN and essentially right beneath one of the transatlantic entry/exit points to UK airspace. When I look at my own tracked flights and those shown on fr24, the difference is marked. For example, this morning it showed that I was tracking nine planes and uploaded three, and according to fr24 there were at least sixty within range. Is this an aerial positioning issue or low signal, or something else? How can I solve this?

                              FireShot Capture 004 - graphs1090_ Performance Graphs -
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