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Raspberry Pi4 and Airnav Radarbox Flightstick

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  • Raspberry Pi4 and Airnav Radarbox Flightstick

    As one of the former Windows feeders I was forced to think about something new. As I never worked with a Raspberry before I would like to share my experiences with the installation of the new operating system and of the new Airnav Radarbox flightstick that was necessary, because just at the same time the Windows feeding was suspended, my old DVB-T-stick ceased its work.

    I bought a Raspberry Pi 4, an Airnav Radarbox flightstick and a micro-HDMI-adapter to see the Raspberry installation on a screen.

    The PI24 image did NOT start the Raspberry PI 4, though I tried it three times (maybe because of newer features of the device not taken into account by the precompiled operating system) …instead I did the following:

    1. Installation of Raspbian Buster with desktop on a 32 GB micro-SD-card
    2. Start of the Raspberry, installation of all updates, restart
    3. Installation of the dump1090-mutability ver 1.15
    4. Installation of the FR24 Data Feeder
    5. Restart of the Raspberry

    The feeding worked just fine and – surprise! – with the same antenna and cable the range was expanded by 40-50 nautical miles, the average range now is about 210 miles.

    One question is left: Every night the router reconnects to the internet automatically. This takes about 7 seconds, but the fr24feed is down for about 20 minutes nightly.
    Did anyone experience the same behaviour and has some advises on what to do? Maybe a reboot every night when the feeding is lost - via watchdog?

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    I am currently building a feeder box (Raspberry Pi) for FR24. My question can I use the green RadarBox FlightStick (USB)? In the FR24feed-manual it says something inaccurate "the Airnav Radarbox Receiver" cannot be used due to encryption. Can someone give me information?


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      Radarbox. Vs flightstick

      The pre configured linux powered device can't. That's the radarbox

      The usb sticks are just another tv tuner with a fancy name to make it look specific
      Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers