Greetings feeder fans, and, ya staff, i guess they read messages here to.
I am sorry to announce that i stop feeding flight data to the website.
The main reason is QRM,, a lot of it, it took me a very long time to correct
pinpoint the source, and i found out that my Raspberry Pi was the source of it.
after changing psu's, several of them, the Pi it self (long life MAC spoofing)
the qrm stayd, as licenced ham i could not use HF for the last years
so i have deceide to pull the plug starting tonight at sunset here.
it was several years big fun to see where planes where, and ya, even at work
i could login to see what plane was above my head.
perhaps in the future when i move to a other location when i can seperate antenna
distances i will report back, but now i want to enjoy again my radio hobby.
its sad for me to go, but i had to make a choice, the choice was clear for me.