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Useful Addons: graphs1090, tar1090 et cetera

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  • Useful Addons: graphs1090, tar1090 et cetera

    Hello, i've been maintaining some addons for dump1090-fa, i've linked them sometimes but they might as well have their own thread here.
    They are meant for Raspbian Stretch and later, but they should work on Debian and Ubuntu as well.

    The graphs and tar1090 will work with other dump1090 versions, but dump1090-fa is still recommended!
    dump1090-fa is easy to install with the bundle installation.
    The bundle also allows you to use the old web interface if you like that or are used to it.

    Everything works fine with the Pi24 image if you install the dump1090-fa bundle first.

    dump1090-fa is as good as dump1090-mutability 1.15 in regards to reception.
    But it offers more data and is more complete.
    So there really is no reason to use 1.15 if you want to use one o the other addons below.

    General guide which includes most of the stuff below:

    Bundle dump1090-fa: Install dump1090-fa while keeping the old interface around


    Graphs based on dump1090-tools by mutability and the adsb receiver project graphs.

    tar1090: Improved webinterface for dump1090-fa
    (should work for other dump1090 versions as well but might not display as much data)

    timelapse1090: history/playback interface for the local map (requires dump1090-fa)

    airspy-conf: configure the airspy_adsb (Airspy Mini/R2) to work with dump1090-fa
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      Is dump1090-fa better than v1.15 dev?
      I've seen lots of images and people usually getting the highest rate of messages on 1090-fa compare to 1.15? Or People using 1090-fa are using also better kit


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        The demodulation is the same code as far as i know.
        So should be the same message rate.

        dump1090-fa can show you some additional parameters like IAS and TAS and some other details.
        Also the addons in this thread are meant for dump1090-fa, it's basically the current version of dump1090-mutability
        (the developer of dump1090-mutability is now working on dump1090-fa)


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          Ok cool, thanks for the explanation. I'm waiting for second dongle to arrive and then will test both 1090fa and 1.15 on the same antenna and location, let's see what I will get.


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            Any difference you find will be due to other factors.

            It is the same code, only other parts of the program have changed.


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              I had graphs installed before moving over to tar1090, its much better thanks but how do I get graphs working again?


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                tar1090 shouldn't interfere with the graphs. neither my graphs nor other graphs.

                If you switched from dump1090-mutability to dump1090-fa, you'll have to delete collectd.conf:
                sudo rm /etc/collectd/collectd.conf
                Then reinstall graphs1090.
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                  Thank you once again for your help I have a lot to learn.....


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                    Hello, newbie here. Will these addons work with the PI24 image?


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                      Once you have dump1090-fa installed using the bundle, the underlying image doesn't matter.

                      Installing dump1090-fa first via the bundle (or another way) is required for all addons except the graphs.
                      The graphs will work with other dump1090 versions, but dump1090-fa is still recommended!
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                        Yes. I am a newbie as well and feel unworthy of giving advice... Read lots in this forum, especially the gurus' ( you know who you are) messages. And don't blame me if you break something!


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                          At this point once again thanks to wiedehopf for the collection here!
                          I installed the graphs and the Improved webinterface. Everything works with the Pi24 - and thanks to the help of wiedehopf - wonderful.


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                            Glad it's working, i assume you installed dump1090-fa as well DarkBlue?


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                              Yes, just followed your advice and have renewed my Pi24 image with the "dump1090-fa" update-script.
                              Sorry that iÓm unable to post the link to your script (must have a minimum of 4 posts)