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Feeding data from Mobile Command Post

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  • wiedehopf
    Just disable MLAT.

    For ADS-B positions and other data the feeder position is irrelevant.

    On another note: I don't think bad mlat gets you completely blacklisted, more likely the server will just disregard your mlat data.

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  • Oblivian
    Unfortunately not.

    Other than edit the details on the account settings page once established.

    The location data submitted is tied to the account ID server-side that the feeder identifies to the server with on start.

    Disabling MLAT may help there, (unconfirmed) but not changing, runs risk of supplying wrong positional data, and skewing shared statistics - ala running risk of being blacklisted.

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  • scoutcamper
    started a topic Feeding data from Mobile Command Post

    Feeding data from Mobile Command Post

    Hello All,

    Looking at doing a new project and looking for input.

    I would like to setup a Pi with SDR for feeding data in my local Search and Rescue Teams Mobile Command Post, the obvious issue with this is the command post moves and therefore the GPS location changes regularly. Is there anything currently built in to support changing this without human interaction(I.E. hook a GPS to my PI and have it update location on startup?