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Can i get a text list of the aircraft in view?

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  • Can i get a text list of the aircraft in view?

    I have a PiAware image installation, also running FR24feed.

    I notice that FR24 provides a list that I would like to be able to grab as text.

    FR24 Feeder Tracked Aircraft List
    Updated: 17:52:01 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
    ModeS: 71BE24 Callsign: KAL213
    Lat: 37.7249
    Long: -123.7923
    Alt: 34975ft
    SQW: 1455

    ModeS: A28904 Callsign: UAL1451
    Lat: 37.8682
    Long: -122.6399
    Alt: 13400ft
    SQW: 6646

    I'd like to grab that sort of info as a text output, but "curl" doesn't catch it.

    function update_aircraft() {
    $.ajax({url:'/flights.json?time=' + $.now(), dataType:'json', type:'get', data: $.now() }).done(function(data){update_aircraft_cb(data);}) ;

    Is there a command line I could use to grab the data from dump1090-fa?

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    VRS has a database logger

    There is a manual method

    And there are other 30003 capture scripts that can use SQL

    But none are as easy as saving the text as far as I'm aware
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      you'll have to parse it appropriately.


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        Thanks. That one is just peachy. Lots of screenshots that I didn't need, and the command line that I like
        telnet 30003

        And a link to the documentation, user provided:

        I have written programs to take in data across a telnet port, so this looks quite handy.

        -- Clarence


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          Originally posted by wiedehopf View Post

          you'll have to parse it appropriately.

          I speak Python. That looks quite similar to some data for which I have code lying around, somewhere.
          It looks like it is updating once per second.

          Once I had the name, I found the docs. The file is updated one per second, the web page is live.


          I conveniently have an address defined in hosts for "pi", otherwise you could plug in an IP address.

          Now that I am looking in the right places, I see lots of code already working.

          I live in a valley, which I hadn't really considered until I ran the up in the air analysis.
          I get good views in directions I didn't expect, and I really just want a picture of where I have the best coverage, by plotting onto a Google Map, maybe overlaying onto the "up in the air" lines.
          I might have stumbled onto what I want, already written.

          Thanks for the file name. Whole new paths to explore.


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            there's an easier way as the data is stored in a directory including 120 history files for the last 60 minutes:


            In this folder you will find the aircraft.json plus the 120 files named history_xxx.json.
            You could also use these for your investigation.

            In addtion somebody created an adapted view named "tar1090" which is based on Skyaware. This contain a larger history as well.


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              Don't try and use tar1090 history files, i remove pretty much everything but the location to speed up loading times.

              These scripts by caius should be interesting to you:

              To make data collection easier and just have 24h of data at hand, you can use this:


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                Originally posted by wiedehopf View Post
                These scripts by caius should be interesting to you:
                Now that I know where the raw data resides, I can easily parse my simple Google Map.

                I tried the, but I need to install more packages in my pi, and I got distracted by work :-)