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Installing "Active Diapason" Antenna from Jetvision

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  • Installing "Active Diapason" Antenna from Jetvision

    I just got the antenna in the subject ith no manual included. The box contains the antenna, a cable and a "bias tee" with a micro usb cable. The manuals can not be downloaded tom jetvission and they do not answer emails.
    Can anyone help med with installation and also explan what "Bias Tee (for power supply of the LNA over USB-jack of a Computer)" means?
    I dont know what LNA is and i do not know what a Bias tee is.
    Maybe someone has been able to download the manual?

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    LNA and Bias Tee are both phrases that should provide plenty of results on google.

    The antenna is active, that means it needs power via the coax.
    (the antenna has an integrated low-noise amplifier, mostly called LNA)

    That required power is provided by the bias tee via the coax.

    So you connect it like this:

    Antenna <--- COAX ---> Bias tee <--- short coax ---> receiver

    Be sure you connect the bias-tee the right way around, it should be labeled which port goes towards the antenna.
    The bias-tee is then also connected to an USB power supply.

    The bias-tee makes sure the power only goes to the antenna and not the receiver.

    Also after getting such an expensive antenna, consider getting this USB receiver:
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      LNA: The LNA is inside the antenna. You dont see it. The LNA gets 5V DC power through the antenna cable.

      Bias-t: It feeds 5V DC power to antenna cable. It should be installed between cable from Antenna and SMA-MCX adapter pigtail which is connected to DVB-T.

      USB mimi to A cable: The USB A end connected to a 5V DC supply (a Computer or a 5V DC adapter like phone charger). The mini end to be plugged into Bias-t.

      Please see below the connection diagram from jetvision site.

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        1. "Active Diapason" Antenna (1090 MHz)
          This antenna uses design by F5ANN (Francois)

        2. November 2014:
          Antenna design posted by F5ANN (Francois) in Planefinder forum

          Very small PCB active antenna 210 mm high

        3. Two years later.....
          November 2016:
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