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RTL-SDR Blog V3 Dongle problem

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  • RTL-SDR Blog V3 Dongle problem


    I have been happily feeding FR24 data for a few months using a very cheap, generic dingle. My range is constantly about 75NM despite the using several differing aerials. In an attempt to improve my coverage I have bought and installed an RTL-SDR Blog V3 dongle; my coverage has now all but vanished.

    Often the status on my dashboard shows as "Online - No Data" and when it seems to be running without issue I only get very few hits and no increase in positions received.

    The aerial connection seems good, which I have tested by running the dongle with SDR software. It works well and looses reception as I unplug the aerial, suggesting that there is no problem.

    I guess that I don't have to make any configuration changes when moving to the RTL-SDR dongle? Any suggestions as to what my problem may be, or things I can try?

    Thank you.

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    You dont have to change fr24feed / Pi24 configuration if you change from generic DVB-T dongle to rtl-sdr blog v3 dongle.

    In fact rtl-sdr blog v3 dongle is basically a generic dvb-t with some enhancements to improve performance. These enhancements do NOT affect settings of Pi24 / fr24feed.



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      So can you make any suggestions as to what my problem may be, or what I can do to try and isolate the issue, please?


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        Issue may be 5V DC Power Supply. Try another power supply.

        How many amperes is the rating of DC 5V adaptor? Which model of R Pi you are using?


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          Looks similar to my recent situation. Are you also using the RTL-SDR LNA/filter? If so, you'll probably need to activate the power feed from the dongle to the LNA
          The instructions here solved it for me:
          forum_DOT_flightradar24_DOT_com/threads/11826-RTl_SDR-v3-bias-tee-power-on-off?p=104563&viewfull=1#post104563 (I cannot post links yet, so sorry about the mangled URL)


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            I dont think ThePhoenix is using a LNA and needs v3 dongle's built-in biast to be swithched on, but in case he is using a LNA, here is the unmangled url:

            RTl_SDR v3 bias tee power on/off

            Please note this method applies to Pi24 image only. It does not apply if one has written Raspbian image, then installed fr24feed package by bash script. For that type of install there are different methods, one for dump1090-mutability, and another for dump1090-fa
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              Did you try another 5V DC power supply?


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                I'm still at work at the moment and will not be home for a couple of hours. But in the meantime:

                Thank you Robertsona, but as abcd567 deduced I am not using a LNA/filter. I will be trying another 5V supply when I get home. I will also be checking that i don't have a duff SMA adapter. The device is a Pi Zero.

                Just in case it informs the debugging; I have just checked my stats and it seems that today if I have c250 positions reported at a maximum range of 6nm, so it is working of a fashion.

                I'll report back this evening.


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                  Yeah, either it's insufficient power or the SMA adapter.

                  What does it adapt to anyway?


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                    Originally posted by wiedehopf View Post
                    What does it adapt to anyway?
                    An F Connector


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                      Surprised noone has mentioned no 2 gain settings are alike and will prob need an adjustment

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                        Check if the SMA adapter has a pin
                        (it should have one)

                        Might have bought an RP-SMA adapter. (does not have one)


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                          Got a 2 amp PSU on it now and no difference. The SMA has a pin. I have another one, so I am just about to give that a go.


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                            That explains that then.


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                              Originally posted by ThePhoenix View Post

                              That explains that then.
                              I dont see anything in this photo which points to poor performance, or may be my eyesight not so good. What I missed?