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About FR24feed log file..? How to view and suggestions?

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  • About FR24feed log file..? How to view and suggestions?

    Hi, I am a new feeder.

    I found different suggestions regarding how to deal with FR24feed log file:
    somebody is suggesting to keep Raspberry setting to 1 (rotate every 24h) and others to disable it, in order to save SD life.

    What is yours?

    Finally, what is the best, easy way to view it? What is going there?
    I tried the command "nano fr24feed" when in log directory, but the opened file is empty...

    Tnx. Cheers.

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    You want the full log or only the errors?

    You can modify the systemd service file to make fr24feed ouput log to the systemd journal.
    I've modified mine extensively to only give out errors and the occasional mlat stats (once very few hours)

    You can download either one of the following files, this one is with minimal output:
    wget -q -O /tmp/fr24feed.service
    To get the complete output you can use this service file:
    wget -q -O /tmp/fr24feed.service
    To actually put one of the above service files in place, use these commands:

    sudo cp /tmp/fr24feed.service /etc/systemd/system/fr24feed.service
    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    sudo systemctl restart fr24feed
    Now you can browse the log or even follow it live:

    sudo journalctl -u fr24feed -n3000
    sudo journalctl -u fr24feed -f

    Oh by default the journal will only be kept in memory and not in disk.
    So it won't fill up your disk and be automatically truncated.
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      Thanks a lot for your detailed infos!

      Actually I didn't know what the logged item were about.

      So if I understand correctly, it is not true the SD is continuously writing data for that, and by default it is kept in the ram?

      Finally, is there a way to surf pi SD via Mac Finder? I found a website about it but it is requiring a third party software.
      If I go Finder/Go/Connect to Server and I input my RaspBerryPi local iP I get the error about not having permissions.

      Otherwise, what is the simplest way on the terminal to copy the fr24feed to my Mac, I mean to have the file appearing on my desktop and editing it with a normal viewer app?

      Tnxs, cheers.


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        The logging i'm proposing uses a different system from the log settings in the fr24 configuration.
        The fr24feed.ini controls the log going to a file.
        That's why you need to modify the service file to enable the logging i'm proposing.

        The easiest way is to just use SSH to connect to the RPi and issue the commands i showed above remotely.

        Just google ssh RPi Mac or something and i'm sure you'll find a explanation.
        Depending on the image you need to use raspi-config on the RPi to enable SSH.
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          How To Access and Control RPi from Desktop/Laptop using SSH

          How To Enable WiFi


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            Hi abcd567, I used exactly the link you suggested a few days ago to configure everything and control RPI from desktop.
            However I cannot figure out how to copy and paste files from RPI to Desktop. Everything stays in the terminal window.


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              Originally posted by wiedehopf View Post
              The logging i'm proposing uses a different system from the log settings in the fr24 configuration.
              Thanks, understood


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                Copy-pate between desktop and Pi is given in the thread I linked above. See the writeup on screenshot in item 3

                Originally posted by abcd567 View Post
                3 - How To Copy-Paste Text To / From PuTTY

                Attached Files
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                  Thanks. That is understood. However this is a way to copy and paste text. I was wondering if there is a way to copy files directly...


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                    You can use WinScp or FileZilla.

                    But the commands i gave will download the files onto the RPi.
                    So you don't even need them on your computer but will transfer them directly to the RPi.


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                      What is the best free software for Mac?

                      And as regarding the commands you gave me, I understood having to copy and paste text... I am just wondering how to copy files from RPi to the Mac and not vice versa... Apologies if my question may looks stupid... I am just new in this...


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                        You can already copy files with scp on the OS X console, just google for the syntax.

                        Or search for graphical scp OS X if you don't want to use the console.


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                          Use Bitvise ssh CLIENT.
                          It has both SSH window like PuTTY, and a SFTP file transfer window like FileZilla.