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Change of flights schedule times for AIR SENEGAL flights

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  • Change of flights schedule times for AIR SENEGAL flights

    We noticed flight schedule times for AIR SENEGAL (HC- SZN) are always changed prior to departure. Initially times are published in local times, but suddently some days before departure they are changed to UTC (see for sample Paris Dakar Paris flights).
    Please AIR SENEGAL S.A. publishes its schedule in LOCAL TIME; therefore departure and arrival must always be in Local Times.
    Check and advise.

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    You should probably just tell Air Senegal to publish its schedule with the data provider in UTC and not in local time.

    Really not FR24s problem if an airline decides to publish flight schedule data in local time.


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      Air Senegal is not the only airline publishing its flights in local time. Air France does the same and its flights well appeared in local times in FR2As , as published by the airline. This should also be the same for Air Senegal: flights are published in local time by the airline, then FR24s must also reflect them in local times. Hope this is clear now.


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        I beleive FR24 get most of their schedule data from a third party, not from the airlines themselves.
        Radarstation KGVL


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          Yeah, it's about the publishing of the flight with FR24s schedule data provider.
          I don't know who that is, but it's unlikely the problem is with either FR24 or the data provider.

          And the schedule there will most certainly be in UTC, and i'm Sure Air France gives them their schedules in UTC, as they are internally anyway.