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    Unfortunately these plots don't allow for selected altitudes.

    Although they show coverage over Dusseldorf, these may only be aircraft at high altitude.

    You could try setting an altitude filter on the FR24 website and then compare with your Skyview map.

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      My view to the S and E is not obstructed. In the north direction, the reception is bad, but that is because of the way I had to mount my antenna. I added a screenshot form planefinder as well
      Well that's just not true, there are obstructions.

      The view toward Saarbruecken is clearly obstructed as you have less range in that direction.
      Towards Mainz it's the same thing, obstructed.

      So in those directions you won't be able to see low flying aircraft around Duesseldorf.

      There is a very narrow area in between those two directions where you see further, but it's just very narrow.

      Make a picture on your balcony towards Duesseldorf and i can probably tell you what is obstructing you :P

      My guess would be the trees on the other side of the river.
      Also the high buildings at the intersection of Marsweg and Leo Majorlaan.

      To the southeast it's the sister building that's in the way, yes?

      Put the antenna on the roof, then we are talking unobstructed view towards Duesseldorf
      (The one highrise building at the intersection will still create a blind spot)
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        Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I cannot put my antenna on the roof. The owner won't allow it. I mounted my antenna on the outside stander of the balcony. Even that might be a problem, but so far so good:0
        From my balcony there are some trees and a two higher buildings. One in about 300 meters and the other one > 1 km.

        I figured out myself that the buildings would obstruct, but could not figure out why I see some planes and cannot see others. Guess it is what you all said here, it depends on altitude, did not think about that. ( Still learning)

        Will start to working with the Opensky network script.


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          As long as they are not too close, it should not be an issue.

          I have my antenna indoor in my home office under the roof. Right beside my house there's another one with same height.
          But neither in this direction nor in the other one (where the signal has to pass my house and the neighbour) i have any issues.

          Play around with it, you will find out. You might want to build also a DIY antenna once you're not satisfied.