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    I am using a P3 B in a normal environment (25). The CPU shows a temperature of 55-58 inside the case. Removing the cover brings it down to 48-50
    I do not use an active fan, only the heat sink


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      Ok that might be an idea. I do not have heat sinks for my P 3b+. Will check for them


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        Tests of heat sinks have shown that they can bring the temp down by 5-10
        Leaving the case open can cause problems with dust and dirt


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          Sorry for the delay in replying.

          I have been searching the internet and there are many different opinions about the heat sinks. Some say that it is necessary because the pi will slow down. Some say that there are not so good/bad heat sinks. So good advice seems to be hard to get. There even some people telling that the "clue" used for the cheap heat sink, might even cause higher temperatures.

          I agree with you that using the Pi open it will get a lot of dirt and dust.
          So if you have an idea about which one will do please tell me


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            Based on the specs the Pi throttles if the temperature reaches a maximum.

            I am using a Pi 3 B with small heat sinks in a case. With four different feeders the CPU utilization is below 15% and the CPU is running constantly on 600 MHz. Temperature stable at 55-58


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              so you use the vacuum every 2 years to remove the dust ... big deal.