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    PI24 Image: Problems of Novice users
    • The activation page malfunctions, and does not list the new station. Instead it throws user to another page which asks user to SSH and issue a Linux command. A large number of users are not familiar with Linux and command-line. They don't know how to SSH. They also don't know how to copy-paste command, so they type the command, make all sorts of typing mistakes, and fail to activate.

    • Even if someone succeed to SSH and copy-paste their bash command, it often fails due to GPG key problem.

    • After lot of struggle and multiple attempts, if someone succeeds in adding email, feeder key, and other details to the PI24 image, it fails to save the feeder key in the file /etc/fr24feed.ini, and activation fails. The reason is that PI24's file system often gets mounted as read-only. Reboot does not solve the problem.
      The solution is to first issue command sudo mount -o remount,rw / then issue the command fr24feed --signup.

    • The Pi24 image serves a darkened Google map with water marks "for development only" at IP-of-PI/dump1090/gmap.html. Reason is that it uses an outdated version (1.14) of dump1090-mutability. Solution here:

      PI24: Replace dump1090 v1.14 -> pre-build package of dump1090 v1.15



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      Originally posted by Traveller View Post
      Anmer you are correct.

      I had a feed in Port Moresby PNG (Windows) which was T-AYPY1, and was 90% more reliable than F-AYPY1 which was offline most of the time. And still is most unreliable. I spent heaps on SBS1, SBS3, SBS Puck, (my own choice, $1500+) and it's all useless, which is disappointing.
      Didn't one of you alternate your feeder between POM and Dunk Island?