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Transferred from windows to Pi - different code

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    That's the 2 portions of the software I mention in my first post about how it works on extra info thread

    The uploader can sit there all day connected to the server. But if it can't find a decoder or received data your end it won't receive any actual data to send.

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      Are you using an Raspberry Pi4 by chance? Because the errors look like you are.
      But the pi24 image wouldn't work on that, so i'm a little confused.

      Which model of Raspberry Pi are you using?

      Somehow the dongle doesn't work correctly.
      You will probably need a new dongle, i have listed a few here:


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        Nothing so exotic!
        Model B Revision 2.0
        Have swapped to another PSU capable of up to 8A! (it normally supplies 5 USB sockets for charging all many of things, but is well regulated at 5V.


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          So ... re-run the test.

          sudo bash -c "$(wget -q -O -"


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            Whisper it not too loud but it seems to be working!
            perhaps it was P.S.U. problem?
            Thanks to ALL of you who have helped.

            Just a puzzled thought one of many things I don't understand;

            As a Windows/DOS/mainframe programmer I'm used to dealing with a wide variety of hardware, different drives, processors Operating systems etc. but here we are all using the same micro to run the same software for the same purpose. Why can't FR24 put out one img file which will work out of the box?
            It can include the O.S. and it's for the same hardware, why so many problems and variations?

            Anyway once more So long and thanks for all the fish


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              The image file does work out of the box.

              The normal activation process for that image no longer works though. (has not been fixed for a few month now)
              Then there is a bug with the gpg server command in their install script they recommend to run, which then fails. There are work arounds for this problem as well, but no one is fixing it.
              The read-only bug is something they also don't seem to be fixing.
              Maybe they'll fix all those problems soon and prove us wrong

              They also use an outdated dump1090 version, so if you want a more current version, i still recommend

              Power problems are actually quite common with the RPi.
              What the problem with your "failure to resolve" was, i have no idea though.
              If you are using an USB WiFi adapter, maybe that wasn't happy with the lower voltage as well