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    I have an 'old' antenna that I was given with FR24 along with a SBS-box back in the days when the number of feeders were equal wih the number of states .. or something like that.

    At some point it probably got a lightning strike and wouldn't see any planes anymore. Being on top of the roof and me having fear of heights, I just left it sitting idle after making sure there wasn't a connection problem. Until the Windows feed was discontinued, I was feeding using a table antenna sitting in my office window.

    As I started tinkering with RPI and alternative feeds, I decided to play with the old antenna again. I hooked it up to a RPI and a dongle and started receiving some traffic around the house, which was way better than the SBS3-box did. Range was 20-25nm max, though. I then hooked up my Fliightaware Flight Stick Pro (the blue one) and boom .. the number of hits immediatly skyrockeded and the range increased to over 60nm. Which must be pretty darn good for a 'dead' antenna.
    Far off the 250nm I used to get though ... but that's not the stick's fault.

    Just thought I'd throw it in here for those in the market for a new dongle. It's not expensive either.
    Radarstation KGVL