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Can I get just the image from the 1090 shown?

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  • Can I get just the image from the 1090 shown?

    After having a lot of problems with things just crashing, I tried different approaches, and currently I'm using this setup:
    It works nicely, shows some stats and other stuff.
    I would very much like to integrate the map showing from the 1090dump to my Home Assistant, but I'm unsure of how to do that.
    Is there an URL for the map I can use for an iframe?
    It would be nice if I could get the map shown with one URL, and the planelist shown with another URL, but I know that is too much to expect.
    So just the simple image would be great, then I'll set up a nginx proxy, so it will work through the Home Assistant even remotely.

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    It's an internal LAN address. You can get to the same URL you view it now from any device?

    In which case just add the same URL to the dashboard
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      If I go to /dump1090/gmap.html I see the page with the map and a table with the planes under observation.
      I would very much like to find out if I can get to the image and table seperately, I've tried looking in the html, but couldn't figure it out.


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        div_id map_container is the one you are looking for.

        But it's all one web page.

        You can always make yourself a custom page by removing stuff.

        Make a version with div_id sidebar_container removed.
        That should be only the map then.

        Copy gmap.html to gmap-map.html and gmap-sidebar.html

        Start removing what i talked about above.

        Files are in /usr/share/dump1090-mutability/html if i'm not mistaken.


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          Ahh, yes, of course, I can construct my own page, I'll look into that, thankyou