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Can't run fr24feed as service

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  • Can't run fr24feed as service

    I had fr24feed running on a RPI3 until my SD card corrupted, after reinstall it refused to work so I tried an install on a Debian 9.9 VM instead.

    After completing the debian install I got the usual Receiver not connected and MLAT not running, and started searching the forums. I got it running by stopping the service and running just the fr24feed start. It is now running, but in a terminal window that will terminate on closing. I thought about running it in background/screen, but there must be some better way of fixing this?

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    It's best to use the armhf client.
    The linux client is buggy anyway and you would need to write the unit/service file yourself.

    Might i suggest this guide for running the armhf client on a x86 computer in a VM:

    Use OPTION1 when you arrive at that section.

    Note that OPTION1 only works when using the Raspbian Desktop distribution.
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      I didn't run a RPI VM because of the CPU architecture warnings. As the VM is not ARM I suspect that will introduce other issues. Besides I havent found any Raspbian ISO that my VM requires.

      I'm running fr24-raspberry-pi-latest.img.gz/fr24feed_1.0.18-5_amd64.tgz/dump1090.git and my feed is running perfectly but not as a service. I suspect some dump1090 conflict as described in "Receiver: down ... failed!" post here (not allowed to post links) and there must be a better way to fix this besides a full OS reinstall and a client recompile.


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        I linked you the thread, the ISO is listed there. (
        It's not a armhf ISO, it can run armhf on x86.

        Don't ask me exactly how it works.

        It might look like it is running fine but the feed client is seriously outdated.

        If you really must run it in the VM you are currently using, this should give you an idea on how to create a systemd service for fr24feed:

        As i said i wouldn't recommend running the outdated linux feeder.
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          Originally posted by Aviator77x View Post
          I'm running fr24-raspberry-pi-latest.img.gz/fr24feed_1.0.18-5_amd64.tgz/dump1090.git
          That sentence doesn't make any sense, how would you be running the PI24 image?


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            Originally posted by wiedehopf View Post
            That sentence doesn't make any sense, how would you be running the PI24 image?
            I was a bit imprecise, I mounted the image and copied the files from it.


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              fr24-raspberry-pi-latest.img.gz: The binaries on the image are armhf.

              dump1090.git means compiling your own dump1090

              fr24feed_1.0.18-5_amd64.tgz: those are x86_64 64 bit binaries.

              So no it still doesn't make any sense.
              And my recommendation stands, follow the guide.


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                There are 3 packages available

                (1) fr24feed_1.0.18-5_i386.deb

                (2) fr24feed_1.0.18-5_amd64.tgz

                (3) fr24feed_1.0.23-8_armhf.deb

                The first two are for linux on x64 and x86 Computer. Both are outdated (ver 1.0.18-5) and give problem.

                The last one is the latest (ver 1.0.23-8) and gives trouble free service. It is for RPi and other computer boards with armh cpu. It fail to install and/or run on main stream linux distros like ubuntu, debian etc. It works ONLY on Raspbian Desktop OS which emulates armhf while runing on x64 x86 machines. Even on Raspbian Desktop OS, it requires using command "sudo dpkg --add-architecture armhf", and installation of armhf specific dependenies by adding ":armhf" at the end of package name.

                To summerize, the only troble free option for x64 x86 machines is to

                (1) Install Raspbian Desktop OS.


                (2) Build from source code and install dump1090-mutabiliy ver 1.15~dev. Dont use the pre-build packe install by bash script as it is built for RPi (armhf). Use manual method.

                How to Install dump1090-mutability_1.15~dev on RPi

                (2) Use:
                "OPTION-1: Installing fr24feed Using debian package for RPi:

                of this post:

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                  If you are keen to use following:


                  Then see this post which describes in detail how to create and enable systemd service:

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