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How to test jettison DVB-T dongle

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  • How to test jettison DVB-T dongle

    Good afternoon,

    I am facing a lot of troubles feeding data. Spend two days reading forums and tried all the solutions given. Till two days ago I was able to feed data to Flightradar24, and than at 8 am it suddenly stopped.
    Formatted my SD micro card ,again and again. Installed the fr24 software. I was able to see my raspberry. Did the suggested tests.
    Is says no receiver found. So started all over again. Tries other tracking software as well. Same results.
    To be sure my dongle is Ok I would like to "test" the dongle. Is there a way to do so? I am working with a Mac, I searched the internet, but could not find anything I could use.

    used the Fr24 steps top install a new system, the first time it worked perfectly. read all the steps and used all setting given by the gurus here on the forum, but no luck.
    Perhaps I should mention I am new to this, and do not have knowledge of Linux and/or Raspberry.
    If the dongle is not Ok I can contact Jetvisioin again, asking for their help. The dongle is brand new.
    I "just" want to have a working device and enjoy flighttracking.


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    What sd-card image are you using for the Raspberry Pi?
    The rtl_test you did is generally the way to test the stick. (Edit: or was that someone else?)

    If you are starting from a Raspbian Stretch sd-card image you can install just rtl-sdr (sudo apt install rtl-sdr) and wait with installing feeding software.
    Then just use sudo rtl_test to check the dongle.

    What kind of power supply are you using?
    That sometimes also is a problem but usually you don't get a USB claim error.

    Just to exclude user error, try this script which runs rtl_test and show the output:

    sudo bash -c "$(wget -O -"
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      Dear Wiedehopf,

      thank you for the fast reply.
      I use the original Raspberry 5,1 V 2,5A power supply, as recommended for the P13B+b

      Here is the output of your test. No device found
      pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo systemctl restart fr24feed
      pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo bash -c "$(wget -O -"
      --2019-06-23 13:06:09--
      Resolving (
      Connecting to (||:443... connected.
      HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
      Length: 1341 (1.3K) [text/plain]
      Saving to: 'STDOUT'

      - 100%[===================>] 1.31K --.-KB/s in 0s

      2019-06-23 13:06:09 (14.6 MB/s) - written to stdout [1341/1341]

      Starting 30 second rtl_test, standby!
      No supported devices found.
      Test finished, there should be no or only few lost samples!
      Many lost samples or other errors probably mean the receiver isn't working correctly.
      Try another power supply before condemning the receiver though!



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        "no supported devices found"

        That's not a good sign.
        Try another USB port but probably the stick is done.


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          Will try that. But it is not good news. For a dongle just about a week "old"


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            I have a jetvision dongle and it worked ok but i didn't use it longer than maybe 2 or 3 month.
            They also sell the rtl-sdr v3 dongle (oh i just checked their price, that's ridiculous)

            Better buy the v3 dongle here:
            22$ +3$ for a little faster shipping is maybe 22 euros all in all.
            Compared to 35 euros at jetvision.

            Or you can get one of the Flightaware dongles.
            Or the Radarbox dongle which is quite good and quite a bargain at 15$ (
            (both are just rtl-sdr dongles, no need to use their software if you don't want to)

            Note though that your existing antenna won't work because it has a different connector.


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              Thank you for the answer and the suggestions. Much appreciated.
              Reading your answer well, I think I should go for the the v3 dongle here:

              You are a true gentleman, for helping this beginner.

              Thanks again.
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                If you want to the extra mile, get yourself the filtered ADS-B 1090MHz LNA from that page as well.

                Then reception will be very good even with a cheap but quality antenna like this one:
                Note this antenna needs a male to male SMA coupler.

                And you will need some sort of cable SMA to SMA (don't get RP-SMA, that won't fit)
                For example CFD200 or LMR195 low loss cable.

                If you use the antenna indoors you can directly attach the LNA to the antenna.

                Overall that's around 75 Euros for excellent reception.

                You can of course get an antenna and dongle now and buy the LNA later if you like.

                And there are also better antennas available.
                I would recommend this ebay shop with excellent antennas for around 30 Euros:

                He's sadly sold out at the moment.
                Flightaware antennas are ok, but around 40 Euros.

                For both those options you need N to SMA coax as you can find it in the ebay shop above and at other sellers as well.

                Have fun shopping.
                Especially running indoors or with nearby mobile phone transmission towers, the LNA is absolutely worth it.
                Some other dongles have integrated LNAs but they can't compete with this LNA.


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                  Thank you so much for the assistance. I checked out your suggestion for the LNA butand read this as well:
                  If you use this LNA placed close to an outdoor antenna, please ensure that your antenna is sufficiently grounded. There is a fast ESD diode, and GDT on the LNA PCB for protection, but if the antenna is not grounded the effectiveness of ESD protection components will be severely reduced, and you run the risk of damaging the LNA.

                  Living in an appartment building grounding is not an option.

                  I am willing to pay the € 75 because I would like to have a good and stable set. Is it possible to contact you? I know this forum does not allow PM. Not sure Flightaware does.
                  Seeing your name I assume you are from Germany?

                  BTW I contacted Jetvision, and Herr Köllner will teplace the dongle. Think yhat is a good service. But reading all your suggestins, guess I ewant to go the extra mile.

                  Thanks a million times


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                    If you have the antenna inside there is no need to ground the antenna.

                    I have my antenna outside without grounding it and the LNA has survived just fine for almost a year now.
                    And there have been plenty of thunderstorms. (Using a home-made spider antenna)

                    Pretty sure they are just extra careful to state that you can damage the device.
                    Maybe with some antenna designs it's more problematic but i would doubt the small tube for 6$ i linked is one of them
                    The electric field has only a short distance over which it can induce the voltage so to say.
                    With longer antennas this can be more problematic depending on the design.

                    You can write me on flightaware or just open a thread there with your question.
                    Having it public is always nice because it can be linked to in case a similar question comes up.
                    Or people just find it via google.

                    In regards to JetVision, i'm sure they provide very good service and i have had no trouble with their dongle.

                    Oh and one more thing regarding static discharge, that can happen indoors as well if you touch the center conductor of the coax or the whip of the antenna and are charged yourself.
                    With the antenna in the plastic tube it won't be a problem because that part isn't exposed.

                    When handling the dongle and connected cables you can try not touching the inside of the coax, which shouldn't be a problem.

                    Anyway the LNA has probably much better protection than your jetvision dongle. (maybe that's why it has failed)


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                      An apartment ...hmmm.
                      I also live in an apartment with an indoor PCB antenna + FlightStick from AirNav (Radarbox24). Range 273 NM

                      PCB-Antenna-Range-273 NM.png 20190623_132619.jpg

                      PCB Antenna: US $ 9.99 ($7.00 price + $2.99 shipping)

                      1 meter RG174 Pigtail, SMA-male connector at both ends: US $2.19 price (Free Shipping)

                      Radarbox24's FlightStick with built-in LNA and SAW Filter: $21.95 ($14.95 price + $7.00 shipping)
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                        last night the new Jetvision dongle arrived. I started all over and now everything is working fine. With the small antenna:0
                        I ordered theantenna and RTL-SDR-SDR dongle as advised. Will come back after they arrived, to point out the differences.
                        Thanks again for all the help


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                          I just got my new dongle. Installed everything from scratch and now is is working finer. Ordered the antenne and an other dongle from RTl-SDR.
                          Thanks for the help.
                          Now I will use your installation guide, for feeding PiAware, plane plotter etc.


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                            Just to be sure.
                            I ordered the RT-SDR dongle,, as you recommended and the antenna as well.
                            You also recommended the buy a good cable,, but in my opinion this cable has a male and a female connector. Don't I need two male connectors?
                            As said before the dongle already arrived but want to have all items when the antenna arrives so I can start right away


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                              I mentioned that you need a male to male SMA adapter.

                              Pretty sure that i did and the connector of the antenna is also visible on the pictures.
                              It's your setup still

                              Edit: yes i mentioned it:

                              Originally posted by wiedehopf View Post
                              Then reception will be very good even with a cheap but quality antenna like this one:
                              Note this antenna needs a male to male SMA coupler.

                              And you will need some sort of cable SMA to SMA (don't get RP-SMA, that won't fit)
                              For example CFD200 or LMR195 low loss cable.
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