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How to test jettison DVB-T dongle

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    yes you did mention that. But the cable shown on Amazon in the link is female/male, at least what I see. That is why I asked


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      I mentioned it so you buy an male to male SMA coupler. (

      In addition to the cable. (a male to male SMA cable would also do but may be more expensive or hard to find.)

      Only male to male SMA cable similar i can find is 2m (
      The male to female has more length choices available.
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        Ok thank you, found a DeLock cable with two male connectors. Guess that will work as well


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          Even better with less connectors.

          Checked your reception and it's quite good already, so i'm sure you'll do fine with the antenna.


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            Thank you,
            Antenna is expected August 20th! So I am considering buying an extra cable for my current small antenna ( Jetvison) and my new dongle ( RTL-SDR) But perhaps the shipping is faster than expected


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              The difference in dongles shouldn't be too large, so i wouldn't bother.

              You can always build yourself a spider directly on the dongle if you feel like it.


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                Originally posted by wiedehopf View Post

                You can always build yourself a spider directly on the dongle if you feel like it.


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                  Oh that looks great. Thanks


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                    Wire should be sticking out around 65 mm. (Theoretically 69 mm but a little shorter usually works better)

                    Radials also 69 mm.


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                      Wiedehopf & abcd567
                      Thank you so much for all the info.

                      I use a cheap SDR dongle ($8.50) to feed fr24 and other website.

                      i like to upgrade it..... i saw those two online.

                      RTL-SDR Blog brand R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA V3 Dongle, for $21.95
                      RTL-SDR Blog V3 R820T2 RTL2832U Dongle/


                      FlightAware Brand Prostick Plus ADS-B Specialty RTL-SDR, for $24.95
                      FlightAware Brand Prostick Plus/

                      it's only $3 different ......... which one do you recommend ?


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                        The ProStick can have problems with mobile phone or TV/radio transmission towers, but due to the integrated amplifier/filter it should be able to get you more range unless you are close to such a tower.

                        The rtl-sdr v3 is very nice with the metal housing while being hot to the touch actually keeps the internal temperature down.

                        If you ever want to go the extra mile, the v3 has an integrated bias-tee for powering an external LNA.

                        Anyway both have SMA connectors, make sure your existing antenna works with that.

                        What antenna are you using anyway, might well be that improving your antenna might be the better direction to go


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                          I ordered the RTL-SFR dongle. Read some great reviews, after wiedehopf recommended this one. Till it arrives I am using the Jetvision dongle.

                          If you want a review and some graphs how theLNA perfumes that wiedehopf suggested;


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                            Flightaware Pro Stick (orange & blue) both have built-in LNA, but due to mobile/cell signals almost everywhere, requires external filter, another $21.

                            Rtl-sdr v3 does NOT have a built-in LNA nor have a built-in filter. You will need to spend another $30 to buy a LNA with built-in filter (due to mobile/cell signals).

                            Basically one needs Dongle + Amplifier (LNA) + Filter.
                            You can achieve this in different ways:
                            - All 3 independent units
                            - Dongle + LNA one unit, Filter separate
                            - Dongle separate, LNA + Filter one unit
                            - All 3 in one unit. Examples: Flightaware's ProStick Plus (blue), RadarBox24's FlightStick (green). However these units often need an additional external filter.
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                              I found one on ebay for $14.99

                              i hope it's the real one, and not a fake.

                              RTL-SDR Blog V3 RTL2832U 1PPM


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                                Originally posted by wiedehopf View Post
                                What antenna are you using anyway, might well be that improving your antenna might be the better direction to go
                                I have those 2 antennas.



                                now i'm using the GP spider.