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Feed data to FR24 and also to a screen

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  • Feed data to FR24 and also to a screen

    Hi there guys.

    I thought about a mini project with a rPI that would feed data from the ADS-B to FR24 but besides this I also want to show that data to a screen connected to my rPI (e.g. the closest plane landing at the airport near me).

    Do you think this is possible or the app provided by FR24 is completely closed with regards to APIs?

    I was thinking of using Raspbian as OS, but if you think this can be better achieved by using Pi24, I'm open to it.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    P.S.: If I wasn't clear enough, please tell me and I will try to elaborate.

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    The pi24 image uses dump1090-mutability and if you upgrade to 1.15 even he map works in the web interface

    The image is basically Raspbian Stretch i believe, but you can just start from Raspbian Stretch, it doesn't really matter.

    Easiest way to do it is to just run a webbrowser and open the webinterface on the RPi.
    You'll want dump1090-mutability 1.15 or dump1090-fa so the webinterface works properly.

    Don't you use the webinterface of dump1090 on your feeding RPi?
    Just replace IP-of-Pi with the address of your Raspberry Pi:
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      Hi @wiedehopf and thank you for answering.

      So what you're saying is that by using a dump1090-mutability image I will be able to achieve my goal?

      I don't want to show all the informations that are passed to F24, just the closest flight to me, and I want to show this on a LED Matrix of sorts (so not an actual LCD display).

      If you have any links that would help in my journey, they are more than welcomed.


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        Don't use @ or URLs in your messages, they will need to be approved by a moderator which can take quite some time.
        (thank you to the voluntary moderators )
        These restrictions should be lifted after 10 posts or so.

        My recommendation is actually to use a Raspbian Stretch Lite image.
        Then install fr24feed with the install script.

        I'd also recommend installing dump1090-fa, it's a more current version, the process is explained here:

        Anyway it should work with just fr24feed installed as well.

        These are the files where you can find all the planes currently received by your Raspberry Pi.
        (depending on your dump1090 version the folder is different)

        You'd have to figure out how to calculate the distance to your position for each aircraft and then sort by the distance.
        Then you can use the data for the aircraft and display them.

        There is nothing ready made for what you are asking to do.

        But to give you an idea, take a look at this python code line 280 and the following:

        Distance to the receiver is calculated and other stuff is done.
        You should be able to adapt something like that to do what you need.
        Of course you can't use the file itself, just parts of the code.

        Good luck with your project.
        Doing it with an LCD and displaying a browser is much easier.