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2019 - PI24 (Image) QuickStart Guide

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    Thanks but that was of no help...


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      Originally posted by flightradar45005 View Post
      Thanks but that was of no help...
      Sorry, Was question directed at the others attempting to help. As unknown OS version and other details, it may not help but hinder having the extra lines.

      The site I linked, is the official RPi documents. With the bare minimals to get wireless working.

      Suggest following along through that to confirm it matches what you already attempted as outlined here.
      It also indicates the country code in lower case. Unsure if case sensitive.
      Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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        That looks correct.
        If it doesn't work .... not sure what to do.


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          Got a new micro sd card. new image and I now have wifi working.. Thanks for all your help..


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            I originally set up my pi24 receiver in June 2019. Has the image changed or been updated since then?


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              Originally posted by abcd567 View Post
              STEP-1: Download Necessary Software

              1.1 - Download PI24 image (zip) on your Desktop/Laptop
              Download page:

              Direct download link:

              1.2 - Download and Install Win32DiskImager (Windows) OR Etcher (Win & Mac). Only one of these two softwares is enough. No need to download and install both.



              STEP-2: Prepare microSD Card

              2.1 - Insert microSD Card in your Desktop/Laptop’s card slot (or use a card reader plugged into USB Port).

              2.2 - Unzip downloaded PI24 file to get .img file.

              2.3 - Write the unzipped Pi24 image to microSD Card using Win32DiskImager or Etcher.

              STEP-3 : Enable WiFi
              If you want your Pi to connect to local network/internet using a WIRED connection to router, skip this step.

              To use WiFi to connect Pi to local network/internet, the WiFi configuration should be done after image is written, and while the microSD Card is still in the Laptop/Desktop. For details please see following post:

              How To Enable WiFi

              Use only one connection at a time, either wired or WiFi.
              It is not recommended to use both simultaneously

              STEP-4: First Boot of RPI
              Eject & remove microSD card from card reader, insert into RPi, power up the RPi.

              STEP-5: Access and control of RPi from Desktop/Laptop using SSH
              You can access Pi and issue commands by connecting a Monitor and Keyboard to your RPi.
              However use of SSH enables you to issue commands from your Desktop/Laptop and eliminates the need to connect a Monitor and Keyboard to your RPi.

              For Remote access and SSH, please see following posts:

              - How To Access and Control RPi from Desktop/Laptop using SSH

              - IP Address Finders

              STEP-6: ACTIVATION

              Activation will require you to enter your details (email, sharing key, latitude, longitude, antenna height etc)
              If you already had a sharing key, you can retrive it as given in this post:

              - How To Find Your FR24 Sharing Key

              Do NOT go to activation page. The activation page malfunctions, and does not list your Pi.
              Use the signup command given below. This command completes Signup and Activation process without any problem.

              SSH to RPi (see STEP-5 above) and give following commands:
              sudo mount -o remount,rw /
              fr24feed --signup

              Leave key entry blank if you dont have a key

              After completing above details, you will then reach following stage.
              Supply inputs as shown in red:

              STEP-7: Checks

              At the time of conduction following checks, both the RPi and your Desktop/Laptop should be on same Local Network (router).
              The IP-of-Pi used below will be something like and can be found as shown in step 7.1 below.

              7.1 - Check Status in PuTTY

              7.2 - Check Status in Browser of your Desktop/Laptop

              7.2.1 - To check that feeder is working OK, open your browser and type following address and press Enter Key.


              7.2.2 - To check that dump1090 is working OK, open your browser and type following address and press Enter Key.


              To check settings (or modify settings if needed), open your browser and type following address and press Enter Key.


              After making changes, press "Save" button, then "Restart" button.
              Both these buttons are at bottom-right corner of settings page.

              See below screenshot of settings page
              Pi24 Settings.png

              STEP-9: Installation of Data Feeders of Other Sites
              Please see Post #7 below

              Thank you for this page.

              My RPi3 and SDCard received a power surge and damaged everything and nothing worked. So, bought a new RPi and installed the latest FR24 image onto new SDCard and as I wanted to retain my Radar Key, I found your page and followed instructions and all is working nicely.

              Thank you

              Hardware: NooElec DVB-T2 Dongle, Raspi Pi2 Mod B, 6dB Collinear Antenna, Nevis Pre-Amp & 1090mhz SAW Filter, 9mtrs WF100 Cable and 28ft Mast.
              Software: Rasbain Jessie Lite, FR24 Feeder, Dump1090mutab and VRS.
              Stats for Mar 18, 2016. Uptime:100%. Aircraft seen:2,012. Positions Reported:486,817. Maximum Distance:243nm (Stats provided by FR24)


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                Hi there.
                I have my PI24 running for 1 year and now i want to feed FlightAware.

                So i did that and i have a error.

                sudo apt-get update
                sudo apt-get install piaware

                pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo apt-get update
                Hit:1 flightradar24 InRelease
                Get:2 buster InRelease [32.6 kB]
                Get:3 buster InRelease [15.0 kB]
                Reading package lists... Done
                E: Repository ' buster InRelease' changed its 'Suite' value from 'testing' to 'oldstable'
                N: This must be accepted explicitly before updates for this repository can be applied. See apt-secure(8) manpage for details.
                E: Repository ' buster InRelease' changed its 'Suite' value from 'stable' to 'oldstable'
                N: This must be accepted explicitly before updates for this repository can be applied. See apt-secure(8) manpage for details.
                pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo apt-get install piaware
                Reading package lists... Done
                Building dependency tree
                Reading state information... Done
                E: Unable to locate package piaware

                As you see i'am not familiar with that.


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                  Just use those steps:

                  You're on buster but used 7.1 which is for bullseye.


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                    So if i understand ,i put 7.1 in place of 6.1 in the string? or not...
                    Ah ok i need 6.1 , I think...

                    My english is not that good sorry.
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                      first line is what you should do.

                      second line is what the issue was (repo 7.1 but you need repo 6.1)


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                        Ok It's working
                        Thank a lot Wiedehopf !


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                          Hi together,

                          I wanted to get my old feeder back up and working and it looks like the SD card crashed. My problem is, i have an older Rasperry Pi. Is there an old image of PI24 still available which runs on the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B? Could someone point me in the right direction?



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                            The current image will run on the pi2 just fine.

                            You could also start with a regular raspbian like so:

                            Though CPU will be a limiting factor


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                              Originally posted by wiedehopf View Post
                              The current image will run on the pi2 just fine.

                              You could also start with a regular raspbian like so:

                              Though CPU will be a limiting factor
                              hey, thanks a lot. Sorry for the late reply. Will give it a try here in the near future and see what happens


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                                I have Raspberry version 3b+, DVBT dongle NEWGEN.RTL2832 SDR TCXO 0.5 PPM.
                                Yesterday I installed the latest PI24 image available on Flightradar24 website.

                                Activation process went well, I received the key and my receiver status showed as online in flightradar24. After some time I had information about first flights on stats page.

                                Everything seemed to work correctly, but on dump1090 page I had no station location marker and no characteristic circles. When restarting the map it always loaded far from my location. I entered latitude and longitude correctly, mlat enabled.

                                On Rpi_ip:8754 page everything is green, including number of tracked planes, on dump1090 map planes also appeared.

                                I tried to solve the problem of missing my location marker and circles without success, which forced me to format the sd card and install the image again. After booting I used the commands from the manual:

                                "Otherwise please find your sharing key and start the configuration process by executing:
                                sudo fr24feed --reconfigure --fr24key=0123456789ABCDEF
                                D - Complete the configuration wizard and start sharing your data by typing:
                                sudo service fr24feed start (For user using older version of the Operating
                                system i.e. Wheezy)
                                sudo systemctl start fr24feed (For users using latest version i.e. Stretch)
                                During the next system restart our decoder/feeder will start automatically.
                                You can check FR24 Feeder's status any time by executing:

                                After configuring the Feeder I made the dump1090 configuration with the command "sudo dpkg-reconfigure dump1090-mutability "

                                After these steps in fr24feed-status everything was green, only Mlat was red. After about 3 minutes the mlat turned green. Everything worked the same as it did in the beginning. Only the marker of my location and circles were missing.

                                I decided to leave it like this and ask for help on the forum. I decided to move Rpi to the target location by first shutting it down with "sudo shutdown -h now" command.

                                After restarting it, my location marker and circles appeared on the dump1090 map. The planes are visible, however the Rpi_ip:8754 page is all green, except for Aircraft Tracked and Aircraft Uploaded, which are yellow all the time and no numbers appear there.

                                page Rpi_ip:8754
                                Linux/generic/static_armel/1.0.28-1Updated: 09:33:35 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time)

                                FR24 Link:Connected via UDP - green
                                FR24 Radar Code:T-******* - green
                                Local IP(s):192.168.*.***, fe**::1afb:fc**:d6a7:5*** - green
                                Aircraft Tracked:
                                (ModeS & ADS-B)0 - yellow
                                Aircraft Uploaded:0 - yellow
                                Receiver:dvbt, Connected - green
                                MLAT running: Yes - green

                                pi@raspberrypi:~ $ fr24feed-status
                                [....] FR24 Feeder/Decoder Process: running[ ok .
                                [....] FR24 Stats Timestamp: 2022-02-09 07:27:12[ ok .
                                [....] FR24 Link: connected [UDP][ ok .
                                [....] FR24 Radar: T-EPPO181[ ok .
                                [....] FR24 Tracked AC: 0[ ok .
                                [....] Receiver: down ...[FAIL failed!
                                [....] FR24 MLAT: not running ...[FAIL failed!
                                pi@raspberrypi:~ $

                                Please help me with the settings. Data currently not being transferred to fr24, receiver status online. a dump1090 map location marker and circles visible, aircraft and flight data visible.