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When a microADSB stick, isn't a microADSB stick!

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  • When a microADSB stick, isn't a microADSB stick!

    As a new feeder, I struggled with setup because of this list:

    Step 4.1 - Receiver selection (in order to run MLAT please use DVB-T stick with dump1090 utility bundled with fr24feed):

    1 - DVBT Stick (USB)
    2 - SBS1/SBS1er (USB/Network)
    3 - SBS3 (USB/Network)
    4 - ModeS Beast (USB/Network)
    5 - AVR Compatible (DVBT over network, etc)
    6 - microADSB (USB/Network)
    7 - SBSx via Basestation (localhost:30006)

    As I was coming from a flight aware setup, I already have a microADSB USB device, so kept selecting option 6.

    This is where I was going wrong.

    The correct choice is option 1, even though it's an ADSB stick, and very definitely NOT a DVBT stick.

    All very confusing to a new feeder, so perhaps this ought to be made clearer in the user guide.

    Thank you.

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    Could you describe the model you are using?

    microADSB is a brand of device as far i know.

    If your device was advertised as such, then the label was most likely wrong.


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      Search flightaware pro stick plus
      The dark blue one.

      I'd post a link but am prohibited from doing so!


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        Yeah that uses a DVB-T chipset.

        Anyway it doesn't say microADSB on it.

        You figured it out, so let's hope others do too. (I haven't seen much reponse to this forum by FR24)

        The integrated feeder for FR24 is outdated as you might notice the missing map.
        I'd recommend using dump1090-fa:


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          Apologies, I just noticed part II of the instructions...

          dump1090-fa package installation
          (piaware will not be installed, the piaware-repository is where apt install will get the dump1090-fa package from)
          Execute the following commands:

          I'll try again, tomorrow probably. Enough FR24 for one day.

          Thanks for your help.
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            Hi that's worked OK, I have the map now.
            It's showing the FlightAware branding, and the hyper links go to FA, not FR24. is that correct?


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              Doesn't matter to FR24 what the dump1090 map is doing.

              And dump1090-mutability doesn't have any hyperlinks i believe.

              I've removed the branding from my web interface as not to waste space because my monitor is smaller.
              But that's a little more complicated so you'll have to live with it for now, is it a problem?

              Does your fr24 feed work fine?
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                Branding isn't an issue, just that I was expecting FR24 branding/skin on the /dump1090-fa page.

                My feed appears to be working: www dot flightradar24 dot com / account / feed-stats / ?id=7982

                Infuriating----> Sorry RIchard238, you are not allowed to post links in the forums. You must have a minimum of 4 posts in order to post links. You currently have 4 posts.


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                  dump1090-fa is running independent of fr24feed and data is being provided via local network loopback.

                  It's open source developed by flightaware.
                  Or rather the dump1090-mutability developer is now working for flightaware.
                  So dump1090-mutability development was stopped and dump1090-fa was started.

                  If you fancy you can also install some graphs:

                  Have fun and it should be working very well now


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                    Two hacks for improving the out-dated dump1090-mutability ver 1.14 supplied with fr24feed.

                    Version 1.14 remains in place, but its skin (map) is relaced by that of version 1.15~dev

                    Map: How to Get Rid of the "For development purposes only" Water Mark

                    Purge ver 1.14 completely, and in its place install ver 1.15~dev

                    PI24: Replaced dump1090 v1.14 by pre-build package of dump1090 v1.15