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FR24 client on Pi and VRS on PC

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  • FR24 client on Pi and VRS on PC

    Hello fellow feeders,

    Since the FR24 windows client stopped, I've been looking for a way to continue to feed FR24 but without redoing my entire installation under w10 which works perfectly for several years.

    I am progressing....
    The FR24 client is now installed on the Pi (raspbian)
    The Pi is in wifi, the PC on which Virtual Radar Server is installed is also in wifi.
    During the installation of the FR24 client I gave the requested information (email address, lat/long of the receiver, IP address of the receiver etc...)
    On the FR24 website my receiver is well "online" but 0 planes.....
    by connecting from a PC to the FR24 client via http ip-du-pi:8754 I can modify the options but I can't get an aircraft.........
    The pi is in fixed IP
    The PC is in fixed IP
    The dongle is DVB-T with RTL1090 on the PC of course, with more or less 100/150 aircraft's tracked

    Any idea of wich option i should activate ?
    AVR, BEAST, ect ...
    Port 31001, 30003 other ?

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