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Moving from Windows feeder to Raspberry PI was incredibly easy!!!

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  • Moving from Windows feeder to Raspberry PI was incredibly easy!!!

    T-KOPF4 is back online after the final termination of the windows feed today 5-7-19. It took about 15 minutes and a few $$$.
    I bought a PI zero for $5 with the little microusb hub for another $5, an orange Flightaware stick for $20 and some random Chinese GSM antenna for $5. I had a $5 USB 10/100 ethernet adapter around.

    Downloaded this:

    Wrote image to SD card with Win32DiskImager.exe

    Followed the instructions here:

    I skipped step 8

    New Dump1090 mutability 1.15 is far superior!! Multiple map options. Awesome built in range rings and much other improvements. It seems to decode way more aircraft than 1.14 or my old windows feed. Just do it. It is really easy. Good luck.

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    It is probably using 6 watts to feed FR24 and Flightaware, with MLAT working awesome!! Did I mention you see those aircraft on your Dump1090 internal map?? I should have done this years ago!


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      Do like a success story

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        So my new orange Flightaware stick has a cold solder joint on the antenna connection to the board! Was interesting (and very annoying) watching the performance degrade and fluctuate from it... Fortunately sticking my trusty old black dongle with its cut stock antenna into the RPI worked just fine, with much decreased performance over the orange one with the new GSM antenna. It would seem amplifiers really matter. I was getting 200+ mile range during the brief time the FA dongle worked. The PI side is working beyond flawlessly while pulling almost no power. All in all I am glad FR forced me into this! I hope everyone else has a similar experience!


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          Don't you have a soldering iron to fix the solder joint?

          Anyway if you are looking for new gear, check out this filtered amplifier:

          A good LNA is indeed very useful in receiving weak ADS-B signals from further away.


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            Haha, I do have a soldering iron but I want to get a few nice macro shots of the cold joint before I fix it. My phone camera just isn't cutting it.
            I do like that LNA. Thanks for the tip. I just ordered some new sticks and amps last week to attempt LRIT/HRIT pics and they all have built in bias T which should work perfectly with that amp also. I think I will give it a go. I do believe my biggest problem is obstructions, unfortunately. I am considering putting the entire PI assembly into a weatherproof box and powering it with a 20 watt PV/lead acid battery so I can put it way up on top of my signal blocking 150' tall trees...!