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Linux 53nm and Pi zero 30nm and no lat/long - why?

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    Originally posted by wiedehopf View Post
    If you have a small whip antenna, consider modifying your antenna like described in this thread:

    Also i'm pretty sure using -10 as a gain will provide better results unless you have Flightaware Pro Stick.

    Quite aware that the range isn't gonna be good with your terrain, that i believe.
    But once the aircraft are "in view" you should get plenty of messages and a solid track.

    (Where is the antenna located? Pretty much no matter what improving the antenna like described in the thread can improve things a lot)

    Thanks. I will try those things that I haven't already. Antenna is the sort that's coiled halfway up so difficult to accurately measure the length. It didn't come with the dongle. Indoors, on a tin, and has been in quite a few different spots over the years. Also it's a "Pi Zero W" with onboard wifi and I'm not too impressed with it's coverage, so that limits me a bit. I've already reset gain to -10. I'll endeavour to persevere!


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      Yeah just unscrew the whip and replace it with another wire that is the correct dimension.

      No matter what they are advertised as they are normally for other wavelength.


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