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  • Viewing Own data when a feeder

    if i build my own {or flightradar24 sends me one will i still be able to watch the live feed coming from my adsb reciver on flight radar24 or would i have to watch it from flightradar24 system but me helping it better. Also how much wifi does it suck, is it running 24/7 when wifi is on?

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    My feeder has an upload of appr 50-150 bytes/sec. That is close to nothing. You can watch your own feeders coverage using dump1090 but local network only if you do not set up your own service like Virtual Radar Server. On FR24 site you get access to some nice statistics regarding your feeders upload, but not the exact aircraft that only your feeder reports to the database.


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      Thank you I am going to use both flight aware and Flightradar24 because I want the business from Flightradar24 but I want the live adsb view from flight aware sky feeder


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        If you want minimal data usage you should disable MLAT, it uses quite a bit more data than just uploading ADS-B data.

        Still that's only relevant if you are on a mobile data plan with limited volume (something like 2 GB per month or even less)

        Not sure how much the data usage is exactly, also depends how much plane traffic you have.