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Help with setting up pi3!

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  • Help with setting up pi3!

    Hey, I'm trying to start feeding data through a Raspberry Pi 3 with a DVB-T dongle (RTL-SDR), through Ethernet. On my monitor, everything looks good. I'm able to access the Linux console, and there is an SSH link. The SSH shows a welcome page, with nothing relating to FR24... And, the Pi doesn't show up on the activate page... Please help
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    What did you download form fr24? The sd-card image or did you go via the install script? (Don't try posting links, new users aren't allowed to post links)

    Also are you talking about http links yes? (that has nothing to do with SSH, i wouldn't know what a SSH link is)

    On the linux console you can check the output of this command:

    sudo fr24feed-status
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      Thanks for the help! I did a little more research and found a link that helped a lot with the setup! I've got it all working now, subscription and tracking. I love it already!


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        I need that link! I'm using a pi zero w over ssh with putty and tried to get the hdmi to work, which it didn't, and now my feed is down.