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    Since Raspberry Pi's hard to get hold of, I got a mini computer that only uses 65 watts of power.

    Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro
    Intel i5 at 2.0GHz
    8GB RAM
    128GB SATA SSD
    OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server (64-bit)
    2 SDR's listening to ADS-B and UAT.

    United States: Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields
    Europe: Abandoned, Forgotten and Little Known Airfields


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      Hi there!

      My old setup is dead. Because I am not the linux guy, I need some help. I found old HP T5710 with 800MHz processor. It only consume up to 14W, so I’m searching to use it for FR24 feed. Can anybody help me with any information which system I should try to start onto this machine?
      The best option would be to run whole thing from SDcard that is read only. It don’t have any hard drive or ssd. I don’t need any log file or something on it too.



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        Install SLAX OS (current version based on Debian Bullseye) on your SDcard.
        It is designed to be installed on USB flash stick, or microSD card or SDcard.

        I have done this on a Thin-Client HPT520 (a low capacity amd64 computer)

        Note: Do NOT install FR24 feeder, dump1090 etc as default user root.
        Instead create a new user and install using this new user.
        For example I created user abcd (you may use any name of your choice)

        root@slax:~# adduser abcd
        root@slax:~# apt update
        root@slax:~# apt install sudo
        root@slax:~# usermod -a -G sudo abcd
        root@slax:~# groups abcd
        abcd : abcd sudo
        ## Now switched to user abcd,
        root@slax:~# su abcd
        abcd@slax:/root$ cd


        Download Slax :
        Slax 64bit 11.3.0 slax-64bit-11.3.0.iso 9d94c1796ba4c79fb05bb9f35c3fe188 277 MB changelog
        Slax 32bit 11.3.0 slax-32bit-11.3.0.iso 042c2154a766bcecbf49d82ec32a658a 273 MB changelog
        Slax iPXE 11.3.0 slax-ipxe.iso b347608199f2a0a70fb7a31beb460c20 0.88 MB changelog
        Install Slax on USB Flash Memory OR microSD card:


        Current version of SLAX is based on Debian 11.3 Bullseye. It is an excellent lightweight distro, fast boot, which can be run from a USB flash memory or microSD card+USB card reader. By default it runs with persistance, but has option to change to run without persistance or totally from RAM to be selected at boot by pressing Esc button.

        It also has a Network Manager icon on Desktop, and by running it, the network (wire/wifi/Bluetooth) can be configured easily, like settings in standard Debian Desktop.


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          OMFG, abcd567 you are the right guy! Thank you very much. I am now downloading the iso.
          it would be great if it can run from RAM or from locked SD card.


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            Originally posted by Tritium View Post
            OMFG, abcd567 you are the right guy! Thank you very much. I am now downloading the iso.
            it would be great if it can run from RAM or from locked SD card.
            Go to this page for instructions to install SLAX OS on USB flash Memory Stick (also valid for SD card and microSD card)


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              I have encountered a problem. My thin client HP T5710 has i586 cpu, and the Slax is only for i686, so it doesn’t start.


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                Originally posted by Tritium View Post
                I have encountered a problem. My thin client HP T5710 has i586 cpu, and the Slax is only for i686, so it doesn’t start.
                (1) If you tried the 64-bit image, then now try the 32-bit image

                (2) Did you copy-paste folder "slax" from downloaded .iso file to the SD card, or burned the .iso image to SD card?
                The instruction page says to copy-paste



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                  1. I have tried 32bit version.

                  System requirements to run Slax
                  Processor: i686 or newer CPU, all Intel processors
                  and AMD processors will work
                  An x86_64 CPU, like AMD Athlon 64, Opteron,
                  Sempron, Intel Core 2/i3/i5/i7, and others
                  Memory: 128 MB of RAM for desktop
                  512 MB of RAM to run Web browser
                  128 MB of RAM for desktop
                  512 MB of RAM to run Web browser
                  i got the message when booting:
                  "This kernel requires an i686 CPU, but only detected an i586 CPU"
                  And it stop booting.

                  2. Yes I have read everything and did as readme file says. I got the sdcard in usb sdcard reader. I tried it on another machine and it is working, even the usb wifi card is visible and working without any issue.

                  Thing is the T5710 with Transmeta Crusoe 800 MHz is consuming about 7Watts. It’s good option for 24h feed.


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                    DietPi installation on microSD card - for HP T520 units without on-board SSD

                    Installation of OS on 16 GB microSD card

                    (1) Go to Image download page :

                    (2) Scroll down till you see following. Click on " Native PC for BIOS/CSM x86_64"


                    (3) Download "Direct write Image"


                    (4) Use 7zip to extract image


                    (5) Use Raspberry Pi Imager OR Win32 Disk Imager or Balena Etcher to write the extracted image to microSD card


                    (6) Plugin the (microSD card+USB Card Reader) into Thin-Client, power on, Esc, F10, and select boot from USB.


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                      Hey guys! I'm a bit stuck and don't know what I'm doing wrong. I followed the tutorial in the first post, installed dump1090, but I don't know where to take it from here... Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!




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                        I assume that you have installed dump-1090-mutability. If I am right, then:

                        (1) The screenshots you posted shows in your browser you can see settings page at "localhost:8754/settings.html". In the same browser, do you see a map with aircraft at "localhost/dump1090/gmap.html" ?

                        (2) Please post out out of following command:

                        sudo systemctl status dump1090-mutability  


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                          Thanks for taking the time helping me with this.

                          On localhost/dump1090/gmap.html I'm getting this:


                          This is what I'm getting running that command:



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                            Issue following 3 commands.
                            What is output of the last command below?

                            ​​​​​sudo apt install rtl-sdr  
                            sudo systemctl stop dump1090-mutability  
                            rtl_test -t
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                              This is what I'm getting:



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                                Good news. Your Dongle is OK and accessible by Linux OS.

                                Seems after installing dump1090-mutability, you did not issue one or both following TWO very essential commands,
                                or maybe you did issue these commands, but for some reason they did not go through.

                                Please issue following commands again, and after REBOOT, check the map (locahost/dump1090/gmap.html) and after 5 minutes, fr24 status (sudo fr24feed-status)

                                sudo usermod -a -G plugdev dump1090  
                                sudo reboot
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