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Windows feeder discontinued 7-May-19

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  • Oblivian
    I still do!

    Laptop was my better alternate with SQL dBASE for logging etc locally that kept going during power cuts. And pi used for other stuff

    Guess I'll have to re jiggle and see if network data read/write while feeding planeplotter etc over it at same time will suffice

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  • Anmer
    Thanks Khan

    Do you plan to email all those who currently share their data using the Windows feed?

    Most don't visit this forum and maybe it would be poiite (and good business practice) to let them know directly rather than let them wake up on 1st May and find it's no longer working.

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  • Khan
    started a topic Windows feeder discontinued 7-May-19

    Windows feeder discontinued 7-May-19


    I would like to inform you that in about a week's time, we will remove FR24 Windows feeding software from "Share your data" page.
    The Windows feeds will keep working for another 5-6 weeks until May 1st, 2019 when we will turn off support for it.
    The reason behind the decision is that we see frequent data errors originating from the Windows platform and in order to improve the data quality we have to remove the windows support.
    Less than 5% of our feeders are currently using Windows to feed data and we encourage everyone to move to Raspberry Pi. We appreciate everyone who has contributed via this method over the years. If you believe your location provides important coverage then feel free to request an FR24 receiver. We may also reach out to specific users who have been with us for long and provide good coverage.