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Windows feeder discontinued 7-May-19

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  • Windows feeder discontinued 7-May-19


    I would like to inform you that in about a week's time, we will remove FR24 Windows feeding software from "Share your data" page.
    The Windows feeds will keep working for another 5-6 weeks until May 1st, 2019 when we will turn off support for it.
    The reason behind the decision is that we see frequent data errors originating from the Windows platform and in order to improve the data quality we have to remove the windows support.
    Less than 5% of our feeders are currently using Windows to feed data and we encourage everyone to move to Raspberry Pi. We appreciate everyone who has contributed via this method over the years. If you believe your location provides important coverage then feel free to request an FR24 receiver. We may also reach out to specific users who have been with us for long and provide good coverage.

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    Thanks Khan

    Do you plan to email all those who currently share their data using the Windows feed?

    Most don't visit this forum and maybe it would be poiite (and good business practice) to let them know directly rather than let them wake up on 1st May and find it's no longer working.

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      I still do!

      Laptop was my better alternate with SQL dBASE for logging etc locally that kept going during power cuts. And pi used for other stuff

      Guess I'll have to re jiggle and see if network data read/write while feeding planeplotter etc over it at same time will suffice

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        Looks like an attempt to increase Raspberry Pi sales. As Windows, Linux or iOS PCs use the same hardware all errors you talk about must be found in feeder software only.
        Well done, Raspberry but keep away from my wallet!


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          I have a few concerns about this in that on a low income here in Australia, I canít really afford to replace the old but still working mini pc I use for feeding data to FR24.

          I expect the Raspberry pi setup to be quite expensive.

          Ryan Hothersall, FR24 feeder ID ypad1.


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            Originally posted by Ryan Hothersall View Post
            eplace the old but still working mini pc I use for feeding data to FR24.
            You can install Linux on the mini PC if you want.

            You can even run it from a USB stick / pen drive. You'll have to find out how to boot from USB on your particular BIOS but google usually helps with that.

            On how to create a Linux USB stick for ADS-B feeding, you can check this post, it's a very detailed guide:
            . CLICK ON SCREENSHOT TO SEE LARGER SIZE SUCCESS With Another Puppy-Linux: BionicDog (Forked from DebianDog) Xnialpup lacks lot of infrastructure, and requires lots of workarounds and loads of packages to be added, and still no success as systemd still does not work properly, and also Piaware builder got stuck at cx_freez. I landed into another version of Puppy-Linux, the BionicDog (forked from DebianDog). It is Ubuntu Bionic, but "pupped". It is fast and lightweigt (405 Mb), as well as ...

            I might just create a ready to go x86 image to do something like that, so you only need to boot from it to feed.


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              Well doesn't that suck then!!!

              Please tell me how to feed FR24 using my SBS-3 without using Windows. Have no inclination to set up a RPi/SDR when I have a perfectly good working SBS-3 system.

              I will add that I have a RPi running other apps so could easily run a FR24 feed from there. But how??
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                I've received the notification minutes ago that my 24/7 uploading won't be supported as from the 1st of May because of the "less than 5% of..." with Windows. That is quite a burden to the server and I apology to him.
                Now I have a question : knowing that my SBS is connected to my laptop, I would like to know how to connect the Rasperry Pi to it and is it possible? If someone have a link, an how to, anything...


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                  One Question. Will VirtualBox or equivalent passthrough raw data from the Antenna. If so just install VirtualBox on your current box and run as a Linux VM which is still allowed.


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                    I can understand FR24's reasons for abandoning it's Windows feed, if, as it claims, the data quality is sub-standard. But this was the only option at the beginning of the decade, so what's changed?

                    And will FR24 continue to accept data from PlanePlotter, a Windows application?

                    The SBS receiver is still the largest feeder for PlanePlotter. My guess Kinetic shipped over 20,000 SBS/Puck receivers and my SBS-1 is still in daily use, 14 years after I bought it.

                    I bet I'm not the only one who won't/can't be bothered to invest in a Raspberry Pi and SDR receiver just to feed FR24. And for those that do, PiAware is easier for those who want a plug and play option. It's amazing how many aviation enthusiasts have little appetite to explore Linux.


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                      Very unhappy with this decision.

                      Meanwhile, if I remove Windows on the small PC I use to feed data to FR24 and install Ubuntu for example, how will the data quality 'improve'? It's still the same DVB stick an Aerial plugged into the back of the machine.


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                        I don't think that windows is the issue at all, it seems to be the windows FR24 client. is it really not possible to sort out this?
                        especially for SBS users it's a punch in their face. I'd like to operate my uhf receives as well as the ADS-B stuff, therefore I need Basestation in place on a windows box :-(


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                          Not happy with the announcement. I prefer to use wifi for my feeder and wifi on the RPi was always flaky and offline more than online. Using intel compute stick running windows and the windows feeder it's been flawless. Now back to a buggy Raspberry Pi....ugg.


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                            Couldn't agree more with the comment from user vk6xlr. This decision sucks.

                            The proposed switching off of the windows feed by FR24 is an own goal.

                            As a result, it will lead to less data being provided to them free of charge by windows OS users who don't want to, can't afford to or just can't be bothered to switch from perfectly sound installations based on Windows to a differant set-up just to provide free data to FR24 who aim to make a profit from that data. Switching off the windows feed will lead to a reduce level of coverage, which will lead to less use of FR24 in favour of other flight tracking websites that support a windows based feed, which will lead to a reduction in browser traffic onto the FR24 site which will eventually lead to less profit from the advertising. A classic own goal.

                            I think viking05 has hit it on the head with his comment, the problem isn't so much to do with Windows but rather windowss client developed by FR24 or the platform used to amalgamate the freely provided date. Sort out the problem with the FR24 provided client or servers used to amalgamte the data and you'll keep your windows users, just drop the windows client and you'll lose a great number of feeders on which the business relies on.

                            My current set, which is based on a dedicated Windows PC running 24*7, is primarily used to provide near real time reports to the local aviation community where I live with the feed to FR24 being a side product. Therefore I will not be spending the time porting the code onto another platform just to satisfy the people at FR24.

                            So, I for one won't be going down the route suggested by FR24 and will just stop providing information to them when and if they decide to switch off the Windows feed.


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                              I've had the email.

                              Similar to other comments - the laptop I use for feeding has other tasks such as communicating with an Arduino to tell me when lightning is about to zap everything, streaming cameras from an Osprey nest, etc etc. All totally vital to my good health. And I initially used a Pi for a year or so but it was the first edition and the USB ports - or rather the thermal fuses - went progressively downhill until it was off more than on.

                              So something a bit more than " ... we will turn off support for it" would help please.

                              Is it a Windows thing - which would mean VM Ware or VirtualBox might still produce flaky data as they run on top of it? Or is it just the FR24 Windows software which is at fault? Or the Zadig drivers? Maybe a suggested route forwards would be good? Or a list of possible alternatives?

                              Thank you Sweden.