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fr24feed Connection Terminated Loop

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  • fr24feed Connection Terminated Loop

    I am trying to run fr24feed.exe on a Windows 8.1 system, with no luck. I keep getting the dreaded Connection Terminated loop, and never get connected. This same thing happens when I tried installing fr24feed on a Windows 10 PC.

    I’ve been through all of the forum messages I could find, and have not been able to clear the problem.

    I am using a NooElec receiver marked:
    R820T SDR & DVB-T
    NESDR Mini

    I have run zadig-2.4.exe to install the device driver.
    Windows device manager lists the DVB-T stick as device RTL2832U, and shows the driver to be ‘libusb-win32’

    If I run mr-dump1090 with the –net option, the program returns:
    ` Capture.JPG

    I believe this means a connection to the receiver is not taking place, but I am not sure.

    Can anyone offer any guidance on how to get fr24feed running with this DVB-T stick?

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    Please check this:

    Posting the log from fr24feed would make sense.

    Please post the fr24feed.ini (you can replace the fr24key with xxxx)
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      Wiedehopf - Wow - you're the best!
      You've got no idea how many hours I've spent on this, and you one post solved the problem. I'm now up and running.
      Many thanks,


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        What was the actual problem?

        Also i didn't write that nice thread i linked, so i suspect that thread by abcd567 might have fixed it

        (Why isn't that sticky anyway?)


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          It turned out to be the driver loaded by zadig-2.4. The wrong driver was loaded for the DVB-T stick.
          Based on the screen shots in the thread you sent over, I saw they were using a different driver, so I switched to that driver, and suddenly all was working.

          I then went to the flightradar24 site - and immediately saw that they had automagically switched me over to the free business subscription.
          Yep - I'm a happy camper, and I sure appreciate your great help.


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            Occasionally w10 auto updates the driver so be prepared for it to happen later down the line too

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              Hi Oblivian,
              Thanks for the heads-up on that. I'll keep and eye out for that.
              This forum was great for helping me with this problem.


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                Originally posted by wiedehopf View Post

                (Why isn't that sticky anyway?)
                It is now