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    I did not observe slow performance drifts yet, it would require a stable analysis over a long period. I was waiting to have a longer overview before doing a feedback, because I also set up a powered USB hub (12V x 4A, with some ferrites cores on all cables). The RPi 3B+ power supply is still a 2.5A. For a week now, I no longer observe the problems of sudden variation and I did not have to disconnect the antenna once again.

    I even see improvement in average distance performance. The number of planes above 50nm is now higher than the nearest ones, and their number has greatly increased.

    I also note that the aberrant records that completely distorted the statistics have disappeared for a week. I no longer get this daily ultra-short-time data between 300 and 350nm. I don't know if it's related to the HUB and its more stable power supply, but everyone knows what I'm talking about. These bogus data should have been be filtered for a long time right? ;-)

    I am also wary of weather conditions that seem to have a significant influence (in addition to holiday-related air traffic). We have just gone from a very good weather to a big depression for a week. So let's wait a little longer before drawing definitive conclusions.