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How to set up a feeder using 64-bit Ubuntu Linux on Intel platform

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    I think I want both, local acitvity + some features of the account are also interesting for me.
    But I am afraid, that the local web interface is doing too much in the background for nothing (cause I think I will look into it only every few days).

    Or do you think/know that nearly no CPU is used and nothing written to HDD when I don't look on my web interface?


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      CPU use for the webinterface is minimal, that even includes my webinterface which does a minimal amount of extra work.
      I really don't think you could even measure the CPU load difference when you disable the writing of the json file to memory.

      The computer is running anyway, if you want to save energy run it on an RPi, those use less power

      HDD is definitely not used unless you have some sort of logging enabled.


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        Perfect, thanks for that explanation and all your help
        Then I will let it as it is and go on with antenna optimization.


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          You really want some graphs if you're gonna do antenna optimization.
          Even aren't a problem CPU wise on the RPi, so it really shouldn't be a problem on your 64bit PC:


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            I am running it on a virtual debian machine which is running on a Synology NAS DS218+. That debian machine is doing some other tasks to and always running, so it's a good place to put fr24 I thought


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              NEW THREAD:

              Automated Install of FR24 Feeder on Debian & Ubuntu amd64 on Intel 64bit Computer


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                I'm not sure how much CPU that NAS has, but i would expect it to be quite a bit more than the RPi.
                Don't know how good it can do virtualization of course.


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                  Debian is running fine on it, but for Windows 10 VM it is too slow.


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                    @wiedehopf: Could you please explain me which steps are necessary if I want to switch from dump1090-fa to your dump1090?
                    Yours is called tar1090, right?
                    I am unsure what exactly I will have to uninstall and reconfigure?

                    I did my installation exactly after post #1.


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                      tar1090 is just an improved webinterface for dump1090-fa.

                      It should install without problems using the supplied install script:

                      Original interface will still be accessible normally.


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                        There seems to be a misconception that dump1090's funtion is only to provide web interface, and if someone dont want the web interface, he/she dont need to install dump1090.

                        The whole adsb receving activity is pinned on SDR (Software Defined Radio). The DVB-T is the hardware part of this SDR. Who provides the software part of this SDR? The OS? No. The fr24feed? No. The software Part of SDR is provided by dump1090 (mut or fa).

                        The dump1090 does following
                        • Tunes the dvb-t to 1090 mhz
                        • Sets the demodulation parameters of dvb-t.
                        • Decodes the received raw signals to formats like beast & avr.
                        • Outputs the data for use by data feeders
                          Raw 30002
                          Avr 30003
                          Beast 30005
                        • Generates web interface (map & table).

                        Without a decoder (dump1090) the data feeders dont have any data to feed to their servers.
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                          Use quote function. Not @ symbols. It only encourages others and they will have posts blocked.

                          /edit this is not a reflection of this particular case, however I did see aspects of it appearing along the way

                          Reinforcing the importance of disclosing all background information. And ensuring if attempting to fix things, to do so with caution and stop at each point, Rather than proceed, aggravate and be forced to try fix later.

                          Patient:I have a sore leg, please fix it
                          Doctor: do you have any history of issue or think of a reason for it to be sore
                          Patient: you don't need to know that, please just fix it
                          Doctor: *bandages*
                          Patient: (2 days later) didn't fix it, it's still sore
                          Doctor: I'm GOING to need some more history. What hurts, and when did it start
                          Patient: I had a car crash.
                          Doctor: ok so it could be bruised or worse
                          Patient: i decided to go out and it went crack when I went for a bike ride after the crash

                          *Doctor treats for fracture after info finally given*

                          Wiedehopf will appreciate.

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                            Well said Oblivian


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                              Originally posted by mensa View Post
                              Thank you sooo much, the recipe in post #1 worked perfectly now!!
                              fr24feeder and dump1090-fa is working now!
                              Can you please tell which version and architecture of fr24feed you have installed?


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                                Originally posted by mensa View Post
                                Thank you sooo much, the recipe in post #1 worked perfectly now!!
                                fr24feeder and dump1090-fa is working now!
                                And if you wonder where your post went asking about the architecture and version in abcds new guide thread, I removed it as he was still writing it. And usually has a few pages reserved at the start. (the link to file was still the 18-5 x64 which answered a part of it)

                                We tend to keep how-to guides comment/extra post free where possible. Or you soon end up with multiple answers that people mix and match solutions for
                                Unfortunately a little how this one went with questions asked both here and in your original thread.
                                Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers