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    Originally posted by Oblivian View Post
    You can always recheck the gain to squeeze more out (thread with how to adjust gain about somehere)
    (1) By trial & error, using RSSI as guide:

    (2) By optimize gain script


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      Thanks for your help, will definitely have a look at the gain. It might help.

      I really don't think it is noice. Why would it then become progressively worse at the days pass by ? Also that probably sorts out the "dongle damage by static" thing, since I would then suspect the "fault" to show up suddenly, like a lightening strike, not sneaky. I think I will try the DVB-T dongle for a few days (my radarscape is only a few days away anyway) and see if there is any change.

      There is actually quit some flights north of me, but the reason for the bad reception to north is mountains. My chart (FL100 and FL300) is attached.Surgravvegen13.jpg


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        You may have some problem with you cable leading to your antenna, but if you got that with your A3 antenna it should be a good cable so i don't think so unless you bent it really hard.

        Be sure to weatherproof it with sealant tape to protect your nice cable.

        ADS-B reception changes with weather, so one day the signals may be more attenuated.
        Now add to that the noise staying constant or even getting more as more people are maybe using LTE because it's the weekend.
        4 days is hard to say if it is just fluctuations in traffic and weather and stuff or a trend.


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          And after changing dongle, instantly the "positions reported" started to rise. Hmm, strange.


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            Skjermbilde 2019-01-28 kl. 11.28.30.png

            Changed the dongle at about 0930Z. Lets see if it will start to fall again after a few days.


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              Originally posted by Talle View Post
              Changed the dongle at about 0930Z. Lets see if it will start to fall again after a few days.
              If you went from a dongle with builtin LNA to one without LNA it's not that surprising. The LNA can get more easily overloaded with noise, so if you don't have a filter in front of the LNA, not using an LNA can be better.


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                Hmm, do you say that the dongle gets tired of overloading over time ? Is this permanent "damage" or will it get back to normal after some rest ?


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                  The dongle is not damaged, no worries!

                  I'm just saying numbers fluctuate with ADS-B with weather.
                  And noise fluctuates much more than you might think. For example imagine a LTE (mobile data) receive/send mast near you. No one is using it. So most of the time it's not sending and saving power. Your reception when only few people are using LTE will be good.
                  On the weekend reception will be bad, because maybe more people are using it and it is sending all the time.

                  All i was saying depending on the TYPE of dongle you are using will change the reaction to noise.
                  If the dongle has an amplifier in it like the yelllow flightaware it might react much more to certain noise (bad reception) than the jetvision dongle which has no internal amplifier.

                  Hope that make some sense.