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Feeding one RI P3 from two antennas

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  • Feeding one RI P3 from two antennas


    I have a Raspberry Pi 3 currently feeding to FR24 via a NooElec NESDR Mini USB RTL-SDR. The front of my house is South facing so I have the antenna facing that way and getting on average, 500 aircraft seen in a day with 20,000+ hit reported. My question is, if I was to buy another NooElec NESDR Mini USB RTL-SDR and plug it into the same Pi and run it to it was North facing. Would it work or would they conflict with each other?

    I live in rented accommodation so I can't seem attach an external aerials so have to work with indoors only.

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    You need a second instance of dump1090 taking care of the second dongle.
    If you want to keep MLAT enabled you need a second instance of FR24 as well.

    If you want all the positions on one map you can run a 3rd instance of dump1090 to combine the results
    (Without MLAT you would just forward the data from one of the dump1090 instance to the other which then combines it and FR24 gets it from that instance where it is combined)

    That needs a bunch of configuring.
    Which image did you use for the sd-card? Which dump1090 are you using?


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      One Pi, Two Dongles, Two Maps