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Statistics data: max range equals average range

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    Originally posted by SoNic67 View Post
    Sure, if you say so, it must be true.

    You will excuse me to think the stats mean nothing since they are so easy to fake... and they most likely are for many receivers that hit hard on that 349 limit.
    I blame FR24 here, for not being interested in making this more relevant.
    Sorry but, you are wrong. First, it is pointless to cheat the stats page as there is no gain with it, is not like fr24 will offer some kind of rewards for the top radars…

    Secondly, 349nm is possible for a radar that has a view of the horizon, specially at night when radio waves are more likely to rebound on the ionosphere.

    Check out my 2 radars that have view to the horizon: F-LPMA9 and T-LPPS1 both have a max range of 349nm

    If a radar have a 360 degree view of the horizon and it is high enough, the average range will most likely be 349nm (if there are aircrafts on all the directions)


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      It is also important to mention that most likely the "average range" is just the average of the maximum ranges in each direction.

      So if the max range is the same in all directions, average range and max range will be equal.
      Otherwise the average range doesn't make any sense.

      For example my average range is 134 and checking around the compass the ranges for yesterday my ranges are:
      (125+141+114+58+103+192+185+152)/8 = 133.5

      So this would be a large coincidence if it weren't the calculation used.