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Raspberry Pi - Restart problems

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  • Raspberry Pi - Restart problems

    I encountered a problem with my Raspberry Pi while trying to restart. Once I shutdown the Raspberry, or once it loses power, I am not able to start the device properly. Even after a proper shutdown, the Raspberry Pi doesn't seem to reconnect to any network. Neither wired, nor wireless are working.
    In order to restart the Flightradar application, I have to re-install the Pi24 Image and reconfigure the settings, etc.
    Could there be a problem with the standard fr24-raspberry-pi-latest.img? I had a second Raspberry Pi at home which I also tried, same result.

    Kind regards,

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    Although the easiest, and single-step method is to write Pi24 image, but if you are facing problems with it, then try a two-step solution to create an equavalent of Pi24 image:
    1. Download Raspbain Lite image and write it to your microSD card.
      Download page:
      Direct download link:

      Important Note: Immediately after burning the Raspbian image, and while the microSD card is still plugged into Laptop/Desktop, click on the drive letter of the microSD Card, and it will open "/boot" folder of Raspbain. In this folder, create a new blank Text file, and rename it ssh. This is essential to enable SSH to RPi.

    2. Slip out microSD card from Laptop/Desktop, slip into RPi, and power up RPi. SSH to RPi and install fr24feeder by following command, and choose setting "Receiver=DVB-T". Choosing Receiver=DVB-T will automatically install dump1090-mutability.
      After installation is completed, rebooting Pi may help.

      sudo bash -c "$(wget -O -"
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      Thank you. The problems seem to be solved now. At least I could power down, move and restart the unit today without a problem.