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DVBT over network (e.g. Siliondust Homerun)?

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  • DVBT over network (e.g. Siliondust Homerun)?

    So I'm going to ask what is potentially a stupid question, but what the hell

    I have a Silicondust HDHomerun connected to my home LAN - could I use this as a DVBT source? The homerun links to tvheadend on my Debian server in another room over CAT6 ethernet via a managed switch. I have just installed a cheapo DVBT stick in my Debian server and got everything working but as it's on the ground floor and I have a small internal antenna, range is very limited (20-30 miles).

    I'd never considered using my hdhomerun instead of a specific USB stick until I started thinking about going down the raspberry pi route to get something higher up in my house (attic). My homerun is connected to an external TV aerial/antenna on the roof so would get a far better signal than small generic antenna sitting on a desk in my ground floor office.

    What really peaked my interest was a reference to "AVR Compatible (DVBT over network, etc)" in this post: (under Option 1 point (4))

    Any thoughts forum?