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Disabling auto update - pro's and con's

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  • Disabling auto update - pro's and con's

    In another thread, Mr Mac says
    I have turned off auto-update, that s why it is on 1.0.19-15
    This got me thinking - what are the likely issue's if I disable auto-update and remain with an out-of-date version of the feeder software ??

    In my case, I'm enjoying the challenge of having a number of feeders located across the countryside but don't have SSH/VPN etc remote access to them. My telco can give me a static-ip for an additional $10/month per site but thats a bit rich simply for hobbyist use. So auto-update is obviously the way to go .. until something with an update doesn't go to plan.

    Happy to hear thoughts and suggestions from anyone who's been down this track.



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    Auto update caused a mess about a year ago when FR24 switched from dump1090 "Malcolm Robb" to dump1090 "mutability ver 1.14". This problem is over now, and all my feeders with auto-update are working sice almost an year without any problem.
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