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New install not feeding

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  • New install not feeding

    First post and a complete noob with both the pi and ADSB uploading. I had a install of PiAware and it was working well but I couldn't get the wifi configured. I ended up installing Raspbian and then installing PiAware, dump1090 and pi24. Thanks to abcd567! I followed his directions and seem to have it working well with the exception of pi24. As I say I'm doing pretty much all of this by searching every little thing that comes up and believe me there's been a lot of stuff coming up. I'll attach what I've got and see if there's anything I can do. If you need additional info. I'll be happy to provide it. Thanks!
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    In "Host/IP" field one zero is missing

    It is now

    It should be


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      Thank you. That seemed to do the trick. Much appreciated.