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Flightradar registration gone?

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  • Flightradar registration gone?

    Dear FR24-Team and -Feeders,

    I have stopped feeding several weeks ago due to a reorganisation of my feeding equipment. I am planning to put a J-Pole Antenna through a venting hole to the top of the roof of my flat. Some day... (my landlord will freak out when she finds out, LOL).

    Well today I tried rebooting my Raspberry running minibian with dump1090 and fr24feed but my Radar T-EDSB36 seems to be gone for good? With the former URL I used to check my reception there seems to be another user to be linked to the ID 5070 (sorry I cannot link directly due to the 4-Posts limitation).

    Do I have to register a new radar or can I still use my old sharing key?

    Sincerely yours
    Michael, T-EDSB36.

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    Already warned about this. Seems if you don't feed, you get removed

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