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New FA stick and config parameters

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  • New FA stick and config parameters


    I have recently upgraded from a cheap dvbt stick to a FA orange stick plus a SMA filter. Since I'm seeing no improvement in reception I'm wondering if there is any parameter in the FR24 feeder browser settings that needs to be changed. Currently on dvbt stick (default) and I don't see any option regarding gain.

    Thanks in advance

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    Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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      Sweet, thanks Oblivian.

      What's the common range for gain? I've entered 42 because the image in the link provided suggested so.


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        Way too high.
        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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          A quick question - when looking for the optimal gain, is this value for a process within Dump1090 Mutability v1.15 in combination with an individual FA stick ? Thinking if I later connect the stick to a different RPi, will the original optimal gain setting still be valid ? Just trying to understand how it works and what its doing.




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            The gain value you set stays in the config file of dump1090. It is NOT stored in the DVB-T or FA Stick.
            When the dump1090 starts, it reads gain value saved in dump1090 config file, and sets stick's gain to that value .
            Once the stick is plugged-out, it loses this setting.

            If you plug it into another Pi, the dump1090 of that Pi sets the gain of stick according to value in that Pi's dump1090 configuration file.

            The optimum Gain value does NOT depend ONLY on stick. It depends on the system as a whole, i.e on all these factors

            Antenna gain
            Antenna location
            Antenna height
            Coax cable type & length
            Any LNA and Filters
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              sets stick's gain to that value
              Thanks abcd567 - I'm across the RF side of issues and effects. From another previous post of yours:

              -10 is a special value meaning "turn on AGC" (for ADS-B, the AGC doesn't actually give auto-gain, just a high gain. Usually AGC will behave like "more gain than max")
              So instead of just switching the AGC on and getting max/high by default using -10, the manual setting specifies an optimal gain ( after running the rtl-test ) for that particular operating environment.

              Seems in this case the word AUTO should be dropped from AGC !!