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  • Access dump1090 via browser

    I installed FR24 on my RPi according to the description on the FR24 website and was now trying to access dump1090 features like gmap.html.

    But when I want to access Pi-IP:8754/dump1090/gmap.html I get a "Forbidden" error. Basically any page besides / gives that error. Pi-IP:8754/ works though and shows the FR24 settings page. Does anyone know what's wrong, do I have to manually configure dump1090?

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    Almost but not quite correct ...

    Pi-IP:8754 for System Status and Information

    Pi-IP/dump1090/gmap.html for the Local Traffic Map



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      Thanks, I was sure I had tried it without the port...

      Now the next problem is that I installed dump1090-tools following this tutorial. I can access the stat page, but all images just show a "no data" message. It seems dump1090-tools cannot collect the data. Is it due to dump1090 being installed by FR24?

      edit: I did a clean install, then dump1090-mutability, dump1090-tools and only then FR24 feeder and now it works.
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