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Local access only! - Flightradar24 receiver config

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  • Local access only! - Flightradar24 receiver config

    Since the Flightradar24 receiver software has been updated last, i can no longer check my receiver stats via the modem port forwarded http website. works fine, locally via my phone.
    http://domain.tld:8011 now gives me: Local access only! (Connecting from another ISP/IP all together.)

    I have set this forward, so in case of problems i can reset my receiver.
    Now this seems to be blocked in the web server software.

    Is there a fix for this or just accept long down times in case of connectivity errors?

    Update: RAW FEED connection from Virtual Radar Server luckily still works.
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    We locked external access to some receivers yesterday for security reasons.
    Having a receiver open to the Internet is not so good as anyone can change settings or reboot the receiver.
    We are working on a long term solution. I suggest you contact to discuss your options.


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      Thanks for responding.
      I guess a password would be a solution then.

      No need to discuss, fully understood.
      And i know my options.


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        I'm following


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          Is it possible to config receiver now somehow? Is it possible to set static IP?


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            Please don't hesitate to contact if you need to discuss solutions for your receiver.
            Our feeder support is monitored 24/7. In most cases we answer in less then 24h and in many cases in less than 6h.