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installation problem of fr24 feed onto rasp 3 b+

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  • installation problem of fr24 feed onto rasp 3 b+

    Hey there,

    I run into a problem when trying to install the FR24 feed using raspian.
    The installation process seems to run as designed, I have to enter email address etc - but after I select my location the system aborts with the following message

    validating email/location information....(e)could not connect to, errno101
    got no response or empty response from the server

    Does anyone know what the issue is here?
    What is error code 101 about?

    Hardware pi 3 b+

    tried my DVB-T stick on my mac with the fr24 feed - works absolutely fine

    BTW - tried to look for a "from the scratch" guide with all the commands starting of from a brand new pi to set up for a fr24 feed to use without the FR24 image.
    Is there any for the installation of the dump1090 and any other needed configs ?

    Thanks for the help guys

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    Have A quick recent search for IPv6. It needs to be disabled first with the given command

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      Hey Oblivian!

      Tanns for the quick reply!
      That solved my problem! Now online and feeding ;-)