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Installing FR24 receiver - coax cable connector

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  • Installing FR24 receiver - coax cable connector

    Hi all

    I'm new to the forums and have just recently been accepted to host a FR24 receiver in my location in northern Nevada. One question I have for others who have recently installed a receiver is about the supplied coax cable. Can the SMA connector on the end of the cable be easily removed and replaced from the coax, or is it factory fitted and crimped to the cable? The reason I ask is I have an existing hole in my wall where a previous sat TV cable came through which will be ideal for the cable from the antenna to the receiver, but it's not big enough to accept the connector through it from the look of the photos of the kit you receive.

    Thanks in advance
    F-KEKO2 hosted in northern Nevada, US

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    The connector on mine is crimped on, however if the hole previously had sat tv cable then the connector will probably fit fine, the H155 coax that mine has is about half the diameter of ordinary TV coax, and the sma connector is probably about the same maximum diameter as ordinary coax.
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      Ok thanks. Might just have to wait until it arrives and see what options I have. From the photos of the kit they send the SMA connector looks larger than the hole I have, but could be simply the photo.
      F-KEKO2 hosted in northern Nevada, US


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        You need an 8mm hole for an SMA male connector.

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          Sounds like I might need to get the drill out!
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            I just measured the SMA plug that came with my H155 coax. Across the flat parts of the hex coupling ring its 8.25mm / 0.325" and across the points of the hex its 9.0mm / 0.3535". Not much larger than RG6 so don't use a really big drill!



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              Receiver kit arrived yesterday. Hole in the wall will be big enough as the coax plug thats goes into the receiver is quite small, so all good. Will be up and running tomorrow.

              When it's all installed and powered on who do I contact to advise? Or is this automatic?
              F-KEKO2 hosted in northern Nevada, US


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                Automatic. You should have an informative email with it with details and instructions. 'priority' Support for their boxes is given via email

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