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data aircraft from my receiver directly on my PC ?

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  • data aircraft from my receiver directly on my PC ?


    translate from French by (with aid) Google; I am sorry !
    before reply said me if you dont understand very well my question:

    Does the receiver FR24 (ADS-B) allow to recover, directly on my PC and in computer form, the data received from aircraft in radio range?
    (In addition to transmitting the box and the net FR24 site, then on my PC, that I understood, but in this case the data are not in computer form).

    I saw that a software (for Windows among others) was delivered with the receiver, but is it only used to configure the receiver or it can also recover the data it receives, directly on my PC?

    I downloaded this software, but of course as I do not have (yet) receiver, it does not work.

    thank you for your reply
    (french will be better for me !...)