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Pi24 does not work

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  • abcd567
    PI24 is headless, i.e. no GUI. Using a Monitor, keyboard and mouse is not of much use. You must access Pi from your Windows/Mac computer.

    First thing you have to do is to find Local IP of your Pi. This you can find from your internet router. Alternatively, if you have an Android phone, install App "fing", connect your phone to WiFi of the router to which Pi is connected, and it will show the Local IP of all computers, phones, and RPi connected to the router via wire or WiFi. The Local-IP-of-PI will be something similar to

    Once you know Local IP of Pi, open browser on your Windows or Mac computer, and in address bar type these addresses:

    (1) To see map with planes:

    (2) To see Status

    (3) To view/modify Settings

    Screenshot of display of Local-IP-of-PI by Android App "Fing"
    2018-06-19 18.35.08.jpg
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  • fredmendonca
    started a topic Pi24 does not work

    Pi24 does not work

    Good afternoon all

    I need your help.

    I decided to mount an ADS-B receiver to send data from my area to Flightradar24. Download the Pi24 image and follow the steps on the Site. But to no avail. It just does not work.

    I am sending the photo of the screen where the Pi24 is stopped. I tried to use the keyboard to try to do something, but it also does not work.

    Can anyone help a beginner set up Pi24?


    Thank you so much !!!