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feed software win32 1.0.19-15 interface

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  • feed software win32 1.0.19-15 interface

    I decided to update feed software to the above due to connect problems, but find the new text based format messy compared to the old dialog box with start/stop button etc

    Have I done something wrong? Wrong settings?

    I have SBS3 box connected to base station on dedicated laptop running win10...

    Sure hope someone can help as I find all the terminology confusing, and all the information on this site intimidating.

    Graeme (OMGH1)
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    You can check the manual and see how to answer the questions. But since you have mentioned that you are running Basestation software, all you need to do is after entering your email address and sharing key, you select SBSX via Basestation when it comes to selecting your receiver type. See page 24 of the manual.


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      Thanks for reply Khan,

      Yes made the mistake of not reading full list of options, and kept selecting SBS3 (option 3)

      Then I reread the manual pages and saw my error, which sorted the situation quickly. I am now online and showing stats etc which wasn't happening on old feed software.

      I also asked to be changed from OMGH to OMAA1 which happened (Muazzam) but now my radar doesnt show on any flights at AUH, which is confusing when I used to cover most of them as OMGH1 being quite close to airport with high antenna.

      Can you provide any clues as to why this might be happening? Does this involve ranking or anything? Or different feed software?

      It makes me curious when I see Radar OTHH or OMDB displaying for aircraft on the ground in AUH... Is there an explanation of how this all works somewhere?



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        This is a recent update in order to reduce data usage and avoid the same data being sent many times if it has already been done by one radar. In short, the system will tell the radars not to send the same data as its already being sent by another feed.

        Coming back to you not being able to see your radar ID when you click on an aircraft, the option of all radars being shown that are seeing a certain aircraft is going to be added soon.


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          Originally posted by Khan View Post
          ...... the option of all radars being shown that are seeing a certain aircraft is going to be added soon.
          This is a very wise step, will eliminate frustration of lot of feeders.