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FR24 Disables Local Access to PiAware

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  • FR24 Disables Local Access to PiAware

    Hi There. I'm new to Linux and ADS-B but trying to do what I can for the community by feeding.

    I've installed PiAware and PlaneFinder with no issues and feed them 24/7 on a Pi. The PI is running triple duty as a NAS and Transmission server.

    However, when I follow the directions to start feeding FR24, it seems my local access to (IP):8080 where I can view PiAware breaks or is disabled. It appears I'm still feeding to FlightAware, but I just can't access the local interface page.

    I'm assuming its something to do with Dump or the ports that FR defaults to (30002 and 30003) - but again I'm too novice to figure it out, and searches here to no avail. How can I feed FR24 without breaking my access to PiAware?

    Any help very appreciated.

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    In your browser, go to page http://<ip-of-pi>:8754/settings.html

    If in the field "Receiver" is "DVBT" , change settings to "Receiver ModeS Beast(TCP)" and "Host/IP". (Please see screenshot below).

    Now first click "Save" button, and after that click "Restart" button.
    Both buttons are at bottom-right corner of settings page.

    FR24 Settings with dump1090-fa or mut for multiple feed by Pi.png
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      Looks like you got me up and running with all 3. Thanks so much.


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        I'm sorry to be such a noob, but I'm having the same problem I detailed in the original post a few months ago. I had an issue where my Flightradar stopped feeding, so I did some searches and got that fixed. Now - my Flightaware PiAware software <ip-of-pi>:8080 won't load so I can see the live view of the Flightaware feed. I set up FR exactly as abcd instructed above, but while both FR and FA appear to be feeding, I just cant access :8080 anymore.

        Any advice appreciated.


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          You can see map at one of the following